La La Land and 10 more great musicals for all times

The music film “La-La Land” by Damien Chazelle with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone won a phenomenal number of awards (seven!) On the Golden Globe and has a lot of chances to be among the main winners of the upcoming Oscar. La La Land revived interest in the musical genre covered with a thick layer of dust. Directed by Damien Chazell did the almost impossible: showed that the film, where they sing and dance, can not give mothballs, and be fresh and modern.

We remembered ten more musicals of the 20th century, which should be reconsidered.

"Mary Poppins", 1964

Our audience is better known for the wonderful musical Leonid Kvinikhidze “Mary Poppins, goodbye!” With Natalia Andreichenko as “Lady Perfection” and Oleg Tabakov in the role of imperious Miss Andrew. This movie is definitely a vaccine for sadness.

But there is another story about the best babysitter in the world, with sparkling Judy Garland in the title role, a concentrate of cheerfulness and good magic.The musical in 1964 collected a staggering box office, overtaking even My Beautiful Lady, and received five Oscars for the best song and best female role (Judy Garland).

Cabaret, 1972

The magnificent musical Bob Fossey with Liza Minnelli as Sally singer, who entertained the Berlin public in the 30s on cabaret stage. Germany is torn apart by contradictions, something terrible is coming, but only in the Kit-Kat club shine, radiance and universal joy. The film "Cabaret" received eight Oscars, and Liza Minnelli showed all the facets of her huge talent.

«Bugsy Malone ", 1976

Musical film parody of Alan Parker on the gangster 30s. During Prohibition, two mafia bosses lead fierce showdowns between themselves. Dashing gangster and conqueror of women's hearts, Bugsy Malone, belonging to one group, must steal a new weapon that appeared from another.

The funny thing is that weapons are machine guns that shoot whipped cream, and all the roles (gangsters, cabaret girls) are played by children. And this is not only cute, funny, but extremely fresh to this day. One of the main roles was played by a very young Jodie Foster.

"All This Jazz", 1979

The semi-autobiographical film of the director and choreographer Bob Fossey is the owner of the Cannes Golden Palm and the winner in four Oscar nominations (“The Best Work of an Art Director”, “The Best Costume Design”, “The Best Sound Editing”, “The Best Music”). Bob Fossey, in fact, took the story from his own life: his hero, director Joe, puts a new project on the Broadway stage, swallows pills, finds out relationships with women and brings himself to a heart attack. Parody and drama are intertwined in the musical, and stunning musical numbers accompany the death steps in the form of Jessica Lang.

Victor / Victoria, 1982

Bright, witty, bright film with amazing music by Henry Mancini.

Sometimes, to succeed, you need to change the floor ... Talented singer Victoria Grant (brilliant Judy Garland) can not find work in any Parisian club. To break the vicious circle, she pretends to be a man by the name of Victor and in this role begins to enjoy great success. What to do when a handsome American falls in love with her as a man? ..

"Ball", 1983

The film “Ball” of the Italian Ettore Scola with the music of Vladimir Cosmas and eternal hits from a potpipe from waltzes to Beatles Michelle.

In the Parisian dance hall fifty years of French history pass, without a single word, only in dance. Here the entire twentieth century is danced, waltz and tango, rock and roll and disco sounds.

"The Shop of Horrors", 1986

Frank Oz's musical comedy horror film is a great choice for a weekend weekend film show.

Hipster flower artist Seymour buys a new plant, which, as it turns out, needs human blood and brazenly sticks to the girls. A mixture of grotesque, black humor and sparkling banter. What stands the gorgeous Steve Martin of a rock'n'roll look as a sadistic dentist and Bill Murray playing a sadomasochistic patient!

"Dancing in the Dark", 2000

The dramatic musical film by Lars von Trier received the Golden Palm in Cannes and squeezed buckets of tears from the eyes of viewers. For these tears, “Dancing in the Dark” is often criticized: they say, the film presses on all the most obvious painful points, inflates nerves. But in defense there is only one thing: these rivers of tears clean and make us better.

Bjork brilliantly played a fast-dumb factory worker who could imagine happy musicals.The martyr and the people — Trier's favorite subject found a new incarnation in Dancing in the Dark ...

"Moulin Rouge!", 2001

Musical Lurman Base with Nicole Kidman as cabaret star Satin and Ewan McGregor as poor Christian poet in love.

A fairy tale with stunning dance-song numbers (Kidman and McGregor sang themselves), the splendor of the Parisian carnival and the heart-rending finale. “Moulin Rouge!” Became a postmodern reboot of the musical genre. Elton John, Bowie and Quins sound in cafes and operettas mingled with MTV selections.

Chicago 2002

Six "Oscars", three "Golden Globes", stunning musical numbers and Catherine Zeta-Jones, famously danced in the third month of pregnancy.

Puppet fragile blonde Roxy (Renee Zellweger) dreams of a great career on stage, but, after killing her lover, goes to jail. There she meets her idol, star Valmu Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

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