Know the measure! Volochkova has six iPhones

Outrageous ballerina entangled in their own gadgets.

It is not enough to consider an incarnation as talented in all Anastasia Volochkova. She is a renowned ballerina, and a gifted singer, and a charismatic actress, and an extravagant socialite. As well as caring mother and sensual woman. And, it seems, for each of his facets of talent, Volochkova has a separate means of communication. Six talents - six smartphones.

Photo: @volochkova_art

How difficult it is to be popular and in demand. There are so many calls with job offers that they cannot receive one device. So the poor stars get out as they can. Someone hires a crowd of PR people, directors and secretaries to communicate with customers and the press that are being torn apart. Well, and those who are accustomed to conduct all their business independently, acquire a heap of smartphones so that not a single call is missed.

Anastasia Volochkova on her page on the social network laid out a sniveling snapshot. The tender, fragile ballerina is literally besieged by the fruits of progress in the form of six Apple-branded phones. Anastasia admits that she is literally confused in her gadgets.Careful subscribers immediately came to help her, proposing to share her heavy burden and pick up a few hellish cars.

There were among the commentators and envious people who did not heed the artist's problem. They reproached her for having excessive love for earthly goods and tranquility "while children in Africa are starving." However, Volochkova, as expected, did not pay attention to the spiteful critics. She with so many devices is not up to it. It seems that James Cameron was right in his movie "The Terminator", the world really captured the car.

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