Knitted with knitted socks with buttons

Knitted socks with buttons- we knit warm and comfortable socks for the house with a pattern and braids.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (75% wool, 25% polyacryl, 100 m / 50 g) - 150 (150) 200 g light gray color;
  2. straight and nosed needles No. 3.5-4;
  3. 8 buttons.  

Pattern Description

We knit according to the scheme. Repeat rows 1-16.

Shawl:The front and back rows are just the front loops.

The front surface:for circular knitting - only facial loops.

Density of knitting:21 loop faces. smoothing = 10 cm.

Dimensions:30 (38) 42

Knitting description

Left toe

Type 51 loops on straight needles 51 (61) 71, knit with straight and back rows 3 rows of garter stitch. Next, we knit a pattern with braids as follows: knit the first 5 loops with garter stitch, knit 1 loop before rapport, then repeat 10 loops of the rapport 4 (5) 6 times, at the end we knit 5 more loops with garter stitch. We continue to knit loops with a pattern of braids, knitting the last 5 loops on both sides with garter stitch for the slats.After 2 rows we knit the first buttonhole on the right edge in the following way: we knit 1 face loop, 2 loops together with the faces., Make a nakid and then knit the loops according to the pattern. Similarly, we knit 3 more loops for buttons in each 10 (14) 14 row. At a height of 16 (22) 22 cm (after the 8th row of the pattern is knitted), 1 more facial row is knitted, diminishing uniformly 5 loops = 46 (54) 62 loops in the pattern of braids 5 (7). The last 6 loops are removed with an additional knitting needle and set aside. We divide the remaining loops into 4 needles - into extreme 13 (15) 17 loops, into medium loops - 10 (12) 14 loops. A needle with deferred 6 loops will be placed under the first needle and knit them in the first row along with the loops of the first needle = 40 (48) 56 loops. We divide into each knitting needle 10 (12) 14 loops. Row change - in the middle of the back of the sock.

Next, we begin to knit the heel. For this we only knit loops 1 and 4 needles = 20 (24) 28 loops. The rest of the loop is set aside. We knit the straight and reverse rows of the garter stitch   until all 18 (22) 26 rows are knitted. Next, perform the reduction of the heel as follows: knit in faces. row, until the end of the row remains 7 (9) 10 loops, knit 2 loops together with faces, pull (= remove 1 loop without knitting, knit 1 face loop, and pull it through the removed loop), turn the work.We remove 1 loop as a front loop without knitting, knit 6 (6) 8 face loops and knit together the next 2 loops, turn the work. Remove 1 loop as individuals. without knitting, we knit 6 (6) 8 face loops and 2 loops together with faces. broach, turn the work. We continue to carry out decreases in this way until only the middle 8 (8) 10 loops remain on the needles. We divide these loops into 2 needles - 4 loops each (4 loops each) with 5 loops each. After that, on the left edge of the heel on 1 knitting needle we evenly type 9 (11) 13 loops + 1 loop between the knitting needles, remove the loops of the left side of the heel with the same knitting needle, then knit the loops 2 and 3 of the knitting needles according to the pattern, then with the 4 knitting needle we type 1 loop between the spokes and 9 (11) 13 loops on the right edge of the heel + remove the loop of the right side of the heel. We continue to knit round all the loops on the front satin stitch.

At the same time, we knit the wedge of the foot elevation as follows: on the first needle we knit the last 2 loops together of the faces. and on the 4th needle - the first 2 loops together of the faces. broaching. We knit 2 rows without a decrease. Then we perform another 1 row with decreases, 1 row with decreases, 3 rows without drops, 3 rows without decreases, 1 row with decreases, and so on, until there are 10 (12) 14 loops on each spoke.Next, knit without a decrease of 15 (20) 25 cm or until the little finger closes.

After that, we begin to knit the toe as follows: in the middle and at the end of each knitting needle, tie 2 loops together. = 32 (40) 48 loops. We knit 3 (4) 5 rows without declines. Repeat row with decreases = 24 (32) 40 loops, knit 2 (3) 4 rows without declines. Next, we perform a decrease in each second row, until there are only 8 loops left. We cut the thread, end the remaining loops with the end of the thread and fasten it.


Lightly weave the sock and sew on the buttons.

Right Sock

We knit symmetrically to the left toe.

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