Keith Harington cruelly played the bride

The star of the series "Game of Thrones" Kit Harington, as it turned out, is not a gift at all. The actor adores rallies, not cute, but cruel, in the style of George RR Martin's novel. On the British show Jonathan Ross, Kit told how this year he made fun of the bride Rose Leslie on April Fool's Day. Namely, he put the cut-off head in the refrigerator, hid and waited until something was needed by the unsuspecting Rose and she would open the door. And waited! "Imagine Rose all in tears on the floor," Keith recalls, showing a video shot on the phone. - And I jump out, chanting: "On the first of April!" The actor explained the bride's reaction by saying that her family never celebrates April Fool's Day and, therefore, is not used to the April Fools ’draws.

The video with the draw on YouTube has already been watched over a million times, with just a hundred viewers thumbs down, but 4,000 are dying of laughter, endorsing the April Fool's joke. "Yes you are a real romantic, Kit," they write in the comments.- Completely expected пранк from the actor of a serial "Game of thrones" where over heroes still not so "joke".

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