Justin Bieber explained why he cried on a walk with Haley Baldwin

Justin Bieber’s fans were seriously worried the other day about whether his relationship with Hayley Baldwin was alright: during a cycling tour of Manhattan, the couple suddenly stopped, Justin sat down on a bench and began to cry, and Hayley, trying to calm her lover, soon, too, was unable to restrain her tears .

True, the next day Biber met with fans at the exit from the hotel and as if nothing had happened fun dancing, joking and giving out compliments to everyone. When the journalist asked the guy what brought him to tears after all, Bieber showed to the camera the conservative Christian book Timothy and Katie Keller "The Meaning of Marriage" - a kind of allowance for couples who want to build a happy family, observing God's laws. “Each of us has favorable and unfavorable days,” Justin explained vaguely. "It does not happen that everything is always good."

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