Jay lo fell on stage while dancing

A video got into the network during a celebrity casus.

What only incidents do not happen to celebrities ... Especially during important events when everyone is looking at them. Olga Buzova, for example, once stopped working at a microphone at a solo concert, and actress Jennifer Lawrence fell right on the Oscar statuette ... This time, 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez excelled.

Photo: Getty Images

During another performance of the song on the All I Have show in Las Vegas, Jay Lo decided to go to the edge of the stage to talk with the fans, but ... she stumbled, falling in front of thousands of people. True, the star immediately wriggled out of the situation and, I must say, showed true professionalism. She immediately got up and continued to sing and dance, as if nothing had happened. People in the hall supported the actress with stormy applause. True, some managed to shoot what happened on the camera of the smartphone and, of course, put the video on the Web.

In a few hours of video from the falling Lopez, millions of Internet users watched.And most in the comments noted the excellent sports training Jennifer.

Speaking of celebrity sports training. Not so long ago, the singer showed the perfect press to the microblog subscribers. Watchphoto HERE.

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