It was hot: Ooh! Soot showed “grown up” breast.

Victoria surprised even more appetizing forms in a frank outfit.

In April, Ooh! Soot told that in a year and a half she had eaten off, including pasta in a creamy sauce, and trained to find a dream figure. Then the fans noticed that Vika had noticeably grown a priest, and began to argue whether she was real or not. But after a while about the hips of the star, everyone forgot when they saw her magnificent chest, which, as it seems to fans, is growing every day. The audience of Boni came to a similar conclusion after the girl published a photo from a football match, where she stands in the stands in a skirt and a sports bra.

“It was so hot that there was no choice but to take off the blouse and sunbathe,” she signed the picture of Vika.

Photo: @ victoriabonya2

It was then that everyone noticed that her breasts were already of the third, if not the fourth size, and they began to joke that it was time for Anna Semenovich and Anfisa Chekhova to move, soon Olya will oust them from the pedestal of the owners of the most magnificent busts.

Victoria’s outfit was condemned by many, considered too outspoken and out of place to be defiant, and then gradually shifted to the topic of breast size. Yes, the celebrity really recovered, but few people believe that such a gorgeous bust can just take and eat. Fans looked at pictures of past years, compared and are inclined to believe that Vika resorted to the help of a plastic surgeon.

This is what Victoria looked like in 2010.
Photo: legion-media
In 2018, Victoria has completely different forms.
Photo: @ victoriabonya2
Photo: @ victoriabonya2

But in defense of the natural beauty of Boni, there were arguments. The girl published a photo with his beloved mother. Here all questions about the puffy lips, the perfect nose disappeared, their Vic was inherited from the parent. Yes, and the form of the mother model is very lush. That is, in principle, Victoria has someone to be a figure skater. So, maybe, the haters are deeply mistaken and all of the stars are real.

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