It became known which films of 2017 were more liked by girls and which ones by guys

"Yandex" published a rating of the films of 2017, which received the highest ratings of users on the site "Film Search" in 2017. And we can see which girls liked and which guys liked! And judging by the list, our tastes are not so different as is commonly believed. No, of course, the guys prefer a brutal movie like “Disgusting Eight” or fiction like “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 ", but they can with pleasure - judging by the statistics - to see" Arrhythmia "and" Dog's Life ". We girls, too, hang for a few hours from the press of Charlie Hannam in "The Sword of King Arthur", but we can also evaluate both "Dunkirk" and "Blade Runner 2049". All these films were highly marked by users of "Film Search", but the top ten were made by other pictures.

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