It became known that the Duchess Catherine will take with her to the delivery room

Fans of the British royal family set up tents near the hospital of St. Mary, where the third child of the Duchess Catherine and the Duke of William is due to appear on April 27-28. Katherine's chamber in the private wing of The Lindo Wing (it was here that Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born), more reminiscent of the number of a five-star hotel (the night costs from £ 5,900), is already ready to receive its famous client. To the services of the Duchess is not only the team of superprofessionals headed by Dr. Guy Thorpe-Biston and Alan Farthing, but also a TV with channels like Netflix, radio, WiFi, fresh press, bathroom, refrigerator and a balanced menu from the chef. However, Katherine is not enough, each time she collects her own bag with everything necessary.

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