Internal discipline: why is it so important?


Do you know what a disciplined person looks like? This is a collected, restrained character. He always has a clear plan of action, and in the store there is also a spare one. In case the first "will not go." Anyone who has internal discipline is in advantage over the others. This applies to almost every sphere of life: life, personal life, relationships with friends, work, etc.

If you want to become number 1, get a diary and write down your plans in it regularly. With this simple method you will learn to self-disciplined.

Disadvantages of internal discipline

Many believe that disciplining oneself will not lead to anything good. Here are the most frequent excuses:

Internal discipline: why is it so important?

Discipline is a prison. This concept is perceived as entering into a tight framework. There is a kind of violence of oneself.
If you need discipline to achieve any goal, then with enough motivation, discipline is not required.
Discipline is a certain framework in which a person lives. In this case, their own desires and goals are missing. Therefore, having lived life in this way, you can squander it on unnecessary and boring things, skipping all the most important and interesting.

All these three points are completely wrong. The concept of self-discipline does not mean capturing oneself in a narrow framework, but the ability to prioritize actions, ascending actions, to sacrifice less significant in favor of more significant ones.

An example for a complete understanding: you are in an important meeting (with a colleague, boss, with a loved one). Suddenly I wanted to go to the toilet. We prioritize: the meeting - on 1 place, the physiological need - on the second. You will not begin to walk under you, continuing to talk about the important. You will be patient. The example is the most primitive, but it shows clearly internal self-discipline.

This behavior distinguishes us from animals. We do not have physiological needs in priority, we choose more important aspects of life. Self-discipline - the ability to act reasonably, rationalize your own actions.

The third point - the omission of their own desires, goals.It takes place only if you “dry out” your own life utterly. But for this you need to try hard. This is in the literal sense of the word - pinching in a fist. When a person does this, he risks losing the joys of life, a creative approach to situations. Everything gets boring, mundane.

You can draw an analogy with the food product. For example, choose any vegetable or fruit. They are useful, but if you eat too much, you can also harm the gastrointestinal tract. So here, if too much internal discipline is developed, the result will be unpleasant.

Internal discipline: why is it so important?

A developed personality includes the following items: the ability to organize oneself, the daily routine, the affairs for the near future; controlling yourself using your mind, not your body; the ability not to indulge in short-term desires, physiological needs.

How to develop internal discipline

Internal discipline allows you to organize every day, make life easier and clearer. Here are some tips for developing internal discipline.

Find the meaning of life

What is the meaning of life for you? This is the main issue in building self-discipline. Rummage inside yourself, understand what's important to you, and what's secondary.Hence, your main path will be to discipline yourself, bring life to a harmonious state.

Take care of this nonsense

Yes, yes, you did not look around! This step seems to you pointless, but it is he who will inspire you to accomplish important things. How it works. Think about what you want to do at the moment? Watch TV? See it. Dance? Dance Go for a walk and run through the puddles? Go ahead with the songs! Only after such a day you will definitely feel the meaninglessness of such a life. You will recall the first paragraph, the meaning of life, and return to it with an even deeper understanding of what is happening. Just in case, if suddenly you are greatly enticed by the burning of life and doing nothing, ask friends or relatives to remind you about the meaning of life a week later or 10 days. Or set a reminder on the phone.

Self discipline

Do not let superfluous, unnecessary factors distract you from doing important things. This applies to study, work, for example. Self-discipline is not required to sit at home on a short leash: step to the right, step to the left — execution. No!

It is necessary for the best, fastest achievement of your own goals, no matter what they relate to.

Let's give an example, a computer is your permanent workplace.But there are distractions: the Internet, relatives, toys, etc. You are distracted by them, which ultimately leads to a decrease in productivity in work or training. You can do more, but distractions do not give you the opportunity to work “in a big way”. To give yourself a chance to enjoy work or school, take away distractions. Temporarily turn off the Internet, create difficult-to-remember passwords on social network pages, ask relatives and friends not to distract you from the thought process. Take the animals to another room. Otherwise, your favorite pussies, dogs will not leave you alone, demanding attention to your person. Write down the passwords from Internet pages on a piece of paper (it’s difficult to remember them), give them to relatives at home so that they can get it out of sight. Get down to business, now you just will not be distracted.

Develop useful habits

Habits do not give us any inconvenience. We do not make much effort when we do something out of habit. Take the morning washing and cleaning your teeth. It is unlikely that you will force yourself into the bathroom to perform the “act of washing”.You are completely accustomed to going to the bath, sometimes without even noticing it. The legs themselves carry you on the right path. Develop habits and to achieve your own goals that you set. For example, you want to become a healthy and beautiful person. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Start with a morning charge. For 2-4 weeks, forcibly accustom yourself to get up 20 minutes earlier to do awakening exercises. In the end, your body will no longer resist, you will be surprised, but soon it will ask you for morning exercises. Action will become a habit. If you want to achieve success in your work, accustom yourself to disconnect the brain from other thoughts, stop sitting for hours on social networks, do not be distracted by the Internet and computer games. If you feel sleepy every day, teach yourself to go to bed early. Did it usually happen at midnight? Learn to stay at 22-23 hours. First, you apply an effort to yourself, but after a while the body will get used to this routine. You wonder how you could do otherwise.

It is important not to concentrate on several habits at once.

Choose one goal, pursue it.When you get the first results, proceed to the next stage.

Keep a clear daily routine

For ease of implementation of this item, get a notebook or diary, where write down clearly on the time schedule for the day. It is possible for the whole week, but sometimes some adjustments may occur, so it is better to plan for a day or two ahead so as not to correct the notes. Determine the daily time of getting up and going to bed. What time do you go to work, how much do you get to the office, what time will lunch, dinner and breakfast and so on take place. Follow the plan faithfully. It disciplines, simple habits are developed, small goals are fulfilled.

Tune in the right way throughout the day.

This item is performed in all different ways. For example, one helps to wake up, wake up sleeping thoughts morning jog. The other is a refreshing douche. Catch the emotions that you get, charging in the morning for the whole day. Do not lose them on the way to work. Rejoice at the new day. The mistake of many - coming to work marks a boring day, we expect an early evening, then a weekend, then a vacation.So life is waiting for something better. But you need to adjust yourself so that every day - it's the best, you need to live with your head held high. At the end of such a day, pleasant fatigue and satisfaction from a worthy day are sure to arise. This suggests that there was no problem with internal discipline.

Internal discipline: why is it so important?

Set achievable goals

At the beginning of the path to achieving inner harmony and discipline set easy goals. It's like in sports, you swing your muscles to make an attractive figure, to become healthier, hardier. So in life. Start with a straight posture while sitting at the computer. Surely, you often find yourself thinking that you were hunched, turned into a primitive person hanging over a stone. Imagine that you vitally need to sit up straight (this is actually the case). This is a kind of training, not only in the gym, but behind the monitor. If you want to achieve certain results in sports, some kind of sport discipline, allocate time each day to achieve this goal. For example, you started running. While the results are rather weak, I want more, compete with myself.Set mini goals: run 1 km in 5 minutes or master a run of 5 km. Become a motivator for yourself, do not seek outside support. You are your best opponent! After completing such small goals, proceed to difficult, ascending.

But remember, it is better not to overdo it.


Internal discipline is not a direct goal. This is a means to achieve your goals. Do not bring to an absurd state the desire to bring everything to harmony, to order, to bring to a common denominator. Do not overdo the desire to achieve the desired.

Following and achieving inner harmony should not run counter to own physiological rhythms, desires and goals. Self-discipline, on the contrary, birth to help you reach the top. Now this concept is at the height of fashion. How often do you meet on social networks, blogs of famous personalities posts, posts about how "how cool to get up at 5 am and go for a run." And all, "aki mummies" get up at this time, even despite the fact that the body resists it. Self-discipline should go from the heart, of their own accord, and not according to fashion trends. Someone such trends are beneficial, but not all.People are different and ways to achieve harmony vary.

Internal discipline: why is it so important?

To achieve internal discipline must be approached without fanaticism. Like any case, it can get bored. Let's periodically free yourself. Infrequently.

The concept of self-discipline is not only to be able not to be distracted from external factors and to be able to clearly live according to the daily routine.

It also:

Do not stop in front of the intended goal, if there are no instant results.
The ability to clearly focus on the problem.
Ability to achieve one's own, going to the end.
Full control over the thoughts, preventing negative and destructive.

The importance of internal discipline is invaluable.

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