Incomprehensible and incomprehensible teenager: who is he?

At the age of 11, in girls and 12 - in boys, a rapid restructuring of the body begins. It coincides with adolescence and is accompanied by various problems. This is due to the large gap between the social, intellectual and biological maturation of the individual. He is 6-10 years old.
The teenager all the time trying to realize himself as a person and find a balance between confidence, insecurity, maturity, immaturity, completeness and inferiority. Achieving the main goal of a teenager - the acquisition of personal autonomy - is often accompanied by a youthful rebellion. And the task of adults is to understand a teenager and help him become an independent person, overcoming this difficult period of his life with the least difficulties.
In the period of growing up the teenager becomes unpredictable. Rapid change of mood, accompanied by strange (from the point of view of an adult) actions, hyper-sensation, in which a teenager with manic persistence tries to achieve success in the area where he is weakest.With all these symptoms, an adult should have a heart-to-heart talk with the teenager and explain to him that everything goes through this. It is necessary to understand the situation together, decide what results the teenager wants to achieve and what means can lead to the goal, and which means - not.
This age includes the appearance of idols in adolescents, which teenagers are trying to follow. With great attention it is necessary to treat teen idols. Among them may be those who bear asocial ideas, preaching self-destruction and the cult of death. It is possible that a teenager simply follows youth fashion without thinking about what is happening. The task of an adult in this case is not to prohibit and blame, but to understand the child and help him. Adults need a lot of tact and participation in joint problem solving.
In extreme cases, if the child becomes asocial and dangerous to others, you should contact the specialists who will provide qualified assistance.

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