Ilon Musk is afraid to sleep alone

Innovator and entrepreneur Ilon Musk, whose name is constantly on the heels of today, is not as flint as he would like to appear. Despite Mask’s recent attempts to forget his former girlfriend, Amber Heard, whom they broke up with in August, he unexpectedly admitted in a new interview how difficult it really was for him to break with a Hollywood star.

“If we speak frankly, then, more likely, Amber broke up with me than I did with her. I was very in love. Therefore, our separation resulted for me in several weeks of continuous emotional pain, ”said Musk. Hurd is so deeply sunk into the soul of a businessman that, according to him, their gap even affected his work on Tesla Model 3 (delays in deliveries cost the company $ 671 million in losses). "Every day I had to collect all the remnants of the will to continue working and not look like the most depressive guy in the world. Most of the time, I felt exhausted and very vulnerable, ”shared Musk. He admitted that he can not enjoy life alone: ​​"I do not know how people generally fall asleep in an empty bed. It kills me. ”At the same time, Ilon explained that he was not looking for a one-night relationship and had never looked for it - on the contrary, he needed an ally and companion whom he could count on. Obviously, Amber, despite all her virtues, was not at all the one with whom one could go through life hand in hand.

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