How your child’s precious work can be turned into real jewelery. For centuries

  • Online store turns children's crafts and drawings into real jewelry
  • Yasemin Erdin and Ozgur Karavit - artists and shop owners from Istanbul
  • They are ordered necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets from around the world
  • They believe that art is the most important factor in the development of children

The drawings created by children symbolize the essence of childhood - time, which seems to pass in just a second.
For parents who can not part with the works of their children, there is a solution.
Yasemin Erdin and Ozgur Karavit are the founders of Tasarim Takarim, an online jewelry store in Istanbul that turns children's drawings and paintings into jewelry.
Customers can send scanned copies or photos of children's creativity and turn them into necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches, or small sculptures.

One mom's daughter painted a sweet heart with the words “I love my mother” and she turned it into a silver pendant. Suspension basis for which served as a children's drawing where mom and baby hold hands. The perfect souvenir for your desktop.

Mrs. Erdin has been working with children's creativity for over 5 years and believes that it is always necessary to encourage creative development properly, “their work should be respected”.

“So the idea was born to turn your favorite works and valuable memories into jewelery,” she added.

When Erdin met the sculptor and jeweler Ozgur Karavit, they created their own page in the store.

“Our project is designed to demonstrate to children that their art is valuable and unique.”

Orders come from all over the world, and they turn them into real jewels, because they mainly work with silver, gold, pink and white gold.

"Our project is designed to show children that their art is valuable and unique. And we began to turn children's drawings into eternal memories, wearable objects of art, ”added Ms. Erdin.

On the store page, customers are happy to share positive feedback.

One woman wrote: “The performance and attention to detail of the children's drawing was incredible. Service is great. It is worth it if you want to have a favorite decoration for a long memory. ”

Many of the works are made as gifts, to which there is almost always a bonus, an intangible gift - the child’s reaction, when he sees what, his “scribbles” have become and can be held in his hands. “When children see jewelry, they are very proud of themselves and feel happy. They become more self-confident and truly believe that others love and appreciate their art. ”

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