How to write an institution development program

You will need
  • Microsoft Power Point.
To writethe programinstitutional development, develop the basic purpose of the existence of your organization For example, it may be the provision of quality services and a certain profit. Think about what needs to be done to achieve these goals.
Point out the main stages of achieving the main goals of the company. Include everything there: the selection of professional staff, analysis of competitors, marketing research needs of the client audience, improving the quality of services or the introduction of new technologies.
If your institution already exists, ask managers of all directions to send you suggestions for the development of the company. This will help to understand the real needs of departments, ways to improve their work and methods that should be used to achieve their main goals. Most likely, during this survey additional (secondary) goals will be clarified, or even another primary one will appear. Be sure to include them in the development program.
Having identified the goals and stages of their achievement, go to the methods. It is possible to improve the qualification of employees through training. Improve motivation by entering bonuses. Competitor analysis will help you learn how to modify a product or service so that the expense is less and the income is greater. For each step entered in the development program, specify as many methods as possible. If you are lucky and the first one that is implemented will be successful, the rest will not be needed. Otherwise, you will have several more solutions to the task.
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Before approving the development program of the leadership or introducing it into action, let it “lie down” for two or three days. After that, read it again. If none of the points raises questions, then you have correctly drafted the program and it really will work.
Helpful advice
If an institution's development program requires approval from the company’s management, make it as visual as possible. Make it in Power Point using charts, graphs and photos.

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