How to weave animals from beads?

One of the oldest and most interesting types of needlework is weaving with beads. It first appeared in Africa and today has gained popularity almost all over the world. Modern masters can make completely unique compositions of beads: toys, home accessories, jewelry and other crafts. Let's take a closer look at how to weave animals from beads.

If you are just starting the process of weaving, then we recommend weaving according to previously found patterns. In this case, you can not go wrong in the selection of the number of beads and the sequence of techniques. With the help of diagrams, you can learn how to weave both simple products and three-dimensional 3D compositions.

The most favorite items for beginners in weaving are animal toys. They will be able to decorate the house, used as a key chain or just as a decoration. Children will be delighted with such toys. Usually, animal weaving patterns are distinguished by the complexity of weaving techniques: from the simplest to the most complex. Consider how to weave a crocodile bead.

Weave a crocodile

To get a product size 9x12 mm, you will need to take 125 green beads, 150 yellow beads, one black, two bright blue or green and fishing line. The length of the fishing line is calculated depending on the size of the beads, usually it is 1.1 meters.

A crocodile is performed using the technique of parallel weaving; in order to make it, you need to prepare a fishing line for the first and second rows simultaneously. After that, one end of the working thread is passed through all the beads in the second row towards the opposite end. After you do this, you will only have to tighten the resulting row until it stops, so that all the beads are located in the middle. After this weaving is continued according to the same principle: we string beads on the fishing line, and fix them with the second end. A more accurate weaving pattern can be found on the Internet and downloaded. If you want to understand how to weave a lizard made of beads, then it is worth noting that the technique is no different from crocodile weaving, only the body of the lizard is more voluminous, and the legs are much longer.

The technique of parallel weaving can be done and such animals as a dog, a turtle and a spider.Only in this case weaving is performed not on a fishing line, but on a wire. Now let's look at how to weave a bead butterfly.

Weave a butterfly

To weave a beautiful butterfly, we need the following materials: 5 grams of purple beads, 7 grams of green, 1 gram of black beads, two oval beads of 8-9 mm lilac color.

Weaving butterflies usually start from the upper wing. At first, two wires 50 cm long are taken and four rows of wings are woven on one. After that, we put a second wire between the first and second rows and weave three rows on the left side of the wing. The next moment is the stringing of lilac beads on two wires located in the very center of the wing. Now under the wire spend a series of purple beads. Tighten the wire to form a small gap between the wire and the bead.

Next, the rows weave in accordance with the schemes. After each row is finished, we will only have to connect between the bead itself and the wire that bends it, as well as the ends of the wires directed inside the wing. After the three rows are completed, it will be necessary to split the butterfly in two and knit each wing separately.

As for the lower wings, they trudge in the same way.For them, beads and some 50 centimeters long wires are used. When everything is ready, we connect the upper and lower wings with a wire. If the small tip remains unused, it is wrapped between the rows and cut.

The body of the butterfly is made using the technique of parallel weaving from frosted beads of dark color. Now we just have to assemble the butterfly in parts, and we get a beautiful decoration.

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