What can you wear with fashion knit suits?

Knitwear never goes out of fashion. Of course, this is not just a comfortable, but also a very versatile fabric. Knitted suits look great in both business and casual-style, and for those who love super-comfortable things, there are home and sports kits. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Miracle fabric

The main advantage of such clothing is the fabric from which it is sewn. Such a canvas is completely hypoallergenic and suitable even for girls with very sensitive skin, moreover, it perfectly absorbs moisture, because it allows the body to "breathe" freely.

Another advantage is durability. By purchasing a quality item, you can wear it for several seasons until you get tired. It will get bored, because it is unlikely to rub, tear or lose shape.

Put a tick and for those who are constantly in motion. Knit costumes are not crumpled much, so smoothing them to perfection is not necessary every day.

The texture of such a fabric is such that even creating a multi-layered image, the volume of your body does not visually increase.

Even world-famous designers this season offer to be ahead of the rest and to wear knitwear. So, for example, in the Chanel collection one could see models in shorter leggings and a tunic with Lurex. It seemed that the girls would leave the catwalk, and they could already go to the party.

Stella MacCartney presented a version with a maxi skirt and a jumper. For those whose youth came in the 80s of the last century, they will surely remember that such sets were the dream of almost every woman.

Marc Jacobs advises to pay attention to the sets with pants, which he added knitted bandages and a thin long scarf.


One of the most popular models of knitted suits is sports. They are lightweight, comfortable and very practical. In addition, they are appropriate not only for sports, but also for outdoor activities and even walking with friends.

Homemade jersey suits are very popular with the fair sex, because they do not hamper movement and are great for freely doing household chores. In addition, even at home a woman can look stylish and attractive.

But in more detail we decided to dwell on the classic versions:

With skirt

Excellent option for a business image.Knitwear fits perfectly on the figure, thus emphasizing all the advantages, and does not add extra years to its external rigor. In addition, such a soft fabric will add to the fair sex of additional femininity.

If you want the bow to be more trivial, then choose a little skirt flared to the bottom, if you want something more elegant - a “pencil” will do.

As for the top, it can be a jacket or jumper. Underneath, you can wear a shirt with a classic cut of neutral shades, as well as a monophonic blouse. More informal bow is obtained if you combine a jacket with a lace blouse or top.

Excellent looks and a set with a skirt of maxi length. It can be supplemented not with a large sweatshirt, which will be thrown jacket.

Classic pumps or ankle boots / boots with heels and an accessory in the form of a chain and pendant will complete the trendy look. On the neck you can also tie a beautiful scarf.

The undoubted advantage of such kits is that they are warm enough, which means that to look beautiful and feel comfortable even in the cold season is easier than ever.

With pants

Practicality - their main horse.The knitted bottom does not constrain movements, looks solid, and suits any woman. Properly chosen style automatically eliminates age restrictions.

In addition, this suit perfectly slim. As for the pants, it can be the traditional straight or fashionable flared options. The latter, by the way, are at the height of fashion.

If you move away from the classics (this option, as is the case with the skirt, involves the addition of a blouse or shirt), then it is possible to create several beautiful bows in the casual style. What to wear them with?

For example, a great solution for the office, where there is no strict dress code - knitted pants + white shirt for release. In that case, the jacket should be free cut, can be without buttons and fasteners.

Lacquer shoes will be a "highlight" that will surely attract attention.

For those who prefer warm, knit pants can be complemented by a sweater in a contrasting color. Particularly relevant trousers gray and camel color scheme. In the first case, they can pick up golf pale pink, deep blue or green and light green. But in the case of the camel, you can choose something brighter - orange, turquoise, red.

To look elegant in knitted suits, stylists recommend complementing their coats with fur trim and platform boots / boots. Favorite backpack in this case should be reserved for a more sporting image. A small handbag over the shoulder would be appropriate.

Another important thing to remember: knitted things can be full. Because slim girls can afford a large knit, and women with curvaceous forms are better to prefer the small knitting, known by the people as "noodles".

Do you still think knitted suits are the lot of women of the age? Then try to measure at least one suitable for you, and believe me, you will fall in love with him forever. Be beautiful!

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