How to wean from sucking your finger

It is necessary to find out the cause of the habit. This can be discomfort, stress, anxiety. For example, when a child is taught to sleep in a separate room. In this case, it is necessary that one of the parents stay close, read a fairy tale, until he falls asleep. You can allow to take your favorite toy with you, it will add peace and confidence to the kid. Often a child sends a finger to his mouth when he is alone, when he is bored. Therefore, it is important for parents to give the child maximum attention, read books together, draw, play, watch cartoons.
It is important to watch the child, at what point he shoves a finger in his mouth and divert his attention, or try to offer an alternative: you can give a baby a pacifier to the age of one year, older children - drying. In no case can not blame the child for this habit, ridicule him, use force to pull a finger from his mouth. It is necessary to act extremely delicately in order not to harm the psyche of the baby and not to aggravate the situation.
The child must be available to explain why he should give up this habit. Tell that if he sucks his finger, his teeth will grow wrong. You need to talk calmly, with love, clearly separating the baby and his habit. Do not intimidate the child, it will not be useful, but only cause additional alarm.
The finger of the child goes into the mouth automatically, so you need a reminder. They can serve as a bright sticker pasted on a finger, if the kid quickly removes it, a patch cut into thin strips and pasted in different directions will do. On the nail, you can apply a layer of varnish "nonkusayka." No need to smear pepper or mustard, because with this hand a child can rub his eyes.
If you don’t get rid of this habit on your own, then you should contact a child psychologist who will talk with parents, determine the true cause of the problem and find ways to solve it.
And most importantly, remember, the child is not easy to give up his habit, he may experience emotional discomfort, so during this period, give him the maximum amount of time, warmth, caress, encourage and support your baby.

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