How to wean a pet to climb the tables?

Cats, at whatever age they are, just adore the height, moreover, in most of them the research instinct is well developed. All that is forbidden - interests them with double force, especially if your pet is a teenage kitten.

The cat on the table, work surfaces and other similar places is not the most desirable phenomenon, because even the most well-groomed and clean animal can go there immediately after visiting the tray, which is very unhygienic.

With dogs, such problems, in principle, do not exist, they rarely seek to overcome such heights, which means that today we will speak exclusively about bad habits of cats.

How to disaccustom a cat to climb on tables? Not only is it wrong from the point of view of hygiene, such a habit can also be dangerous to the life of the pet, for example, suddenly the next time he decides to jump onto the stove?

Fortunately, the ingenuity of the owners of such restless tailed pets has reached heights, and there are several real methods that will help to save your darling from a bad habit.First, think about what makes a cat climb to a forbidden height?

If we are talking about an adult and well-bred animal, which, for no reason at all, began to attend all the home tables, then perhaps something or someone is forcing her to do so. And maybe it's a small child? Or a domestic dog?

And, perhaps, you just leave for the mustached and curious pet all sorts of "toys" and goodies that he definitely needs to explore? For example, leftovers from lunch or dinner, and, maybe, candy wrappers, napkins, rustling bags or pencils, which can be fun to drive around the table?

The first thing to do is to carefully remove all horizontal surfaces where your cat has got into the habit of climbing, let it attract nothing there. Perhaps after that she will jump on the table several times, check if there is anything interesting for her there, and, having discovered an empty surface, she is likely to quickly lose interest in her.

And what if it does not help?

Even if in this situation your traveler continues to conquer horizontal spaces, then perhaps it's time to teach her a lesson.

Rememberthat there is absolutely no sense in shouting at an animal, chasing, slamming a newspaper or, even worse, something heavier, because the beauty will take it as a threat and resentment, trying, later, to take revenge on you in all sorts of ways.

Some, seeing that the cat climbed onto the table again, try to frighten him with a loud bang or shout, which most likely will work, though, right up until the moment you leave the room and the animal can do what he pleases.

But how to wean a cat from a bad habit, even in those moments when you are not around or at home? Fortunately, there are several proven methods. For example, place a baking sheet or tray with water on a table or other horizontal surface so that it is not visible from below or from where the cat usually jumps.

After she nevertheless makes the jump, she will get a very unpleasant experience, after which the next time she will think whether it is worth it. Another option is to wipe the surface with citrus products or arrange plates with napkins sprinkled with citrus oil (it can be purchased at the pharmacy).

For some reason, the cats strongly dislike this smell, which means that it will be for them a kind of stopper that does not allow them to overcome the forbidden height.

Perhaps your mustache-striped congenital researcher and fidget, and, therefore, he climbs up on tables and other surfaces solely for fun, because all of the above methods will have only a temporary effect. What to do in this case?

Provide your pet with other opportunities to meet its needs: purchase special cat houses with many tiers or design something like this yourself. Even in the smallest apartment you can find a free wall space where you can organize a “cat corner”.

Often play with your cat on the floor, a ball or other toys so that it lays in her head: on the floor is much more interesting than on an empty and boring table. Be tolerant and it will all work out!

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