How to wash a down jacket?


Today, down jacket is considered the most popular type of clothing for the winter. Warm and lightweight clothing makes a special filler - fluff. These models of jackets are truly popular because of these two advantages. It is so important that in winter the clothes do not have a large mass, but at the same time they effectively warmed in the cold. Another plus is a down jacket in its waterproofness and protection from the wind. Special fabrics are able to repel water and not to let in cold air. This ensures the effect of "thermos".

How to wash a down jacket?

If you need to wash a down jacket, then it is important to observe certain nuances so that the down does not fall down and the jacket does not lose its shape. Of course, you can trust the experts, send the thing to dry cleaning, but these services are not too cheap and not everyone can afford.

Composition of down jacket

Often, down jackets include the entire bulk of winter clothing, regardless of composition. In fact, down should be present in the down jacket (swans, geese, ducks). On the label of such a jacket should be marked down. But you can see it very rarely.Most often, these jackets are filled with feather and down, then the label has the word feather. These products will require special care and special treatment in the process of washing.

But it is necessary to carefully treat not only down jackets, but also other winter clothes with various heat insulators of synthetic origin:

It is important to understand that the composition of the jacket has a great influence on the choice of the washing mode. Always pay close attention to it.


Because general washing tips are suitable for other types of winter clothing.

Rules for washing down jackets

Remember that the down jacket has a lot of negative qualities, among them:

dust accumulation;
crumpling when in contact with water;
absorption of water and powder;
long water retention.

How to wash a down jacket?

Therefore, before starting to wash the down jacket, it is worth considering the rules:

Only one jacket should be loaded into the machine;
washing is performed at no more than 30 degrees of water;
wash jackets with down on a delicate mode with minimum speed;
before sending to the machine, down-padded coats need to be turned inside out so that feathers do not spoil the front side of the jacket.In addition, fasten all the buttons, locks and rivets;
spinning is performed at minimum speed;
for washing only special liquid powders are used.

General advice on washing down jacket suitable for owners of other types of winter jackets.

Usual powder is not recommended to use not because it harms the jacket, but for the reason that it is difficult to rinse out of cotton. When applying the powder you need more time to rinse the jacket. If there is no noticeable contamination, then use the machine wash for the jacket is optional.

How to wash a down jacket in a washing machine

So, consider the key points of how to properly wash a down jacket in a washing machine:

first, disconnect the hood and fur inserts;
Now carefully check the places that are most susceptible to contamination: the inside of the hem, sleeves, collar. Before going into the machine, these zones on the down jacket must be cleaned with soap, which is intended for removing stains. This is important because the machine doesn’t wipe too much dirty places. Do not use powder stain remover, as it foams too much and is hard to rinse out;

How to wash a down jacket?

now fasten all the locks and buttons, which will make it possible to prevent deformation during washing, and then turn the jacket on the wrong side;
besides the jacket for down, in the machine it is important to throw 2-3 balls for tennis. Refers to soft tennis balls. They will prevent knock down. It is better to wash the balls in advance, in order to make sure that they do not shed. Do not be afraid that the balls will damage the drum of the machine, you can even wash shoes in it, but it has much more weight than balls;
Do not choose a regular powder for cleaning, since it is difficult to rinse out of the fluffs. It is better to prefer a liquid product or in the form of a gel. The latter option is even more suitable, because It is sold in the form of disposable doses for washing;
select a delicate mode and a temperature of 30 degrees. In addition, suitable modes for washing wool and synthetic fabrics. They use careful washing because the down will not get out of seams;
rinse jackets on the down at least 2-3 times. This is important for eliminating divorces;
spinning is performed at medium speed - 600 is enough;
remove the down jacket from the drum after washing, unbutton it and turn it over to one of the sides.Coat hang for drying on trempel of plastic, always fasten the down jacket, in order to fully restore its shape. You can not dry the jacket near the device for heating, otherwise there are divorces. In addition, heat damages feathers. It is not necessary to dry the jacket in a horizontal position, since it is required that air enters from all sides. Pooh does not dry out normally, but starts to rustle and rot, there will be an unpleasant odor. The quality of the down jacket suffers, it ceases to be warm;
from time to time you wear your jacket, turn it to different sides. This will fluff fluff, do not need ironing after drying. If after washing and drying the down jacket got a crumpled look, then use a steamer for smoothing.

The method with the use of tennis balls has long been appreciated by the owners of down jackets. Today, even quite often there are special balls complete with a jacket.

If you follow all the above rules, then you can easily cope with the task of washing down jackets. But it's worth adding a couple of tips that are important to know before washing:

inspect the label, it is possible that your down jacket should not be washed, only dry cleaning is suitable;
the original quality of a jacket with a fluff plays a serious role, if you wear a fluff and tirelessly while wearing it, washing with a machine is not the best way;
the smaller the squares on the jacket, the higher its quality - so the fluff gets off to a minimum, and the product will outlive the greater number of washes;
Do not load more than one jacket into the machine at once and do not add other things to the drum.

How to wash a down jacket by hand

If you can not trust your favorite jacket washing machine, then you will be interested to know how to wash a down jacket by hand. Here are also some rules that can not be violated:

everyone knows that the gate, pockets, elbows and cuffs are soiled. For this reason, these areas need a lot of work. Pour some shampoo or liquid powder on them and gently wipe with a brush, then remove the foam with water;
if you decide to wash the down jacket completely, then place it in a vertical form, so that the filler is less saturated with moisture. Moisten the cloth, wipe the dirty areas with a sponge or brush and soap, and rinse the jacket with a shower, whose jets are not directed directly, but tangentially;

How to wash a down jacket?

jackets with down inside should be dried on a trempel, away from the sun and radiators.This is a serious moment, because otherwise the fluff becomes brittle due to the effect of high temperature. In the course of drying, shake the jacket from time to time, then you will not have lumps under the lining, that is, the filler will dry evenly.

Divorces on down jacket after washing

Often after washing, feathers form on the down jackets. They have different forms, and therefore the methods of struggle will be different:

if the stains are white (from powder), then they are removed by thoroughly rinsing or brushing;
Dilutions of yellow color, due to non-compliance with the drying rules. They occur during drying, if you do not beat the fluff during drying and do not shake the jacket.

The occurrence of divorces has different reasons. If they are from powder, then the problem is easily solved, if from improper drying, then a new wash is required.

In order not to get such troubles, it is required to wash down jackets in slightly heated water with minimal addition of powder. And it is necessary to dry at ordinary temperature without exposure to direct sunlight and drafts. Remember to separate the lumps, otherwise yellow stains will be removed only by repeated washing.

Cleaning a down jacket without washing

In order not to think about how to dry the powder puff after washing, minimize its contact with moisture and dirt. Of course, this cannot be avoided entirely, but if a small stain appears on the jacket, it is not at all necessary to wash the whole powder coat. Treat the place with soap, wipe with a brush and rinse.

How to wash a down jacket?

Traces of fat can also be cleaned without washing. This requires salt and vinegar (½ tbsp and 1 tbsp). Mix the ingredients with a 0.5 liter of slightly warmed water, clean the place with dirt and run it with a clean cloth slightly moistened with water.

Drying down jacket

Remember that the drying of the down jacket is made only in a vertical form, it is hung on a trempel. Keep the jacket away from fire, sunlight and heaters.

From time to time do not forget to beat up the fluff, which strive to connect into clumps. And if it happened during the wash, then do the piece with tennis balls again, but only in the spin mode. Another option is manual separation of the cells with down. But it will take a lot of time, because loosen every little lump important.

Sometimes you can clean a down jacket without washing. To do this, do not bring it to a deplorable state, and wash the first dirt manually.

Sometimes hostesses to speed up drying use an innovative method - drying machines or drying in a washing machine. Do not make such manipulations with down jackets. This process will destroy all the insulating qualities of fluff, because after this drying the jacket will become useless in cold and cold.

Do not be afraid to wash the down jacket yourself! If you follow all the tips and rules of this process, then you should not worry about the state of the jacket after washing. All these methods are tested by time and hostess. But if you did something wrong, do not despair! Dry cleaning will give the original down jacket.

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