How to use spray for painting the roots?

Leading gray hair makes women use hair dye. It reliably hides platinum hairs and refreshes the overall look. But not only gray hair is the reason for the appeal of the fair sex to experienced hair masters and colorists. The desire to change, to make a novelty and a certain “zest” in their image also appear in this list.

But, agreeing to such a procedure once, you should know that it will be necessary to repeat it sisiomatically. The work of the master can usually be admired from two to four weeks, after which the hair at the roots begins to grow. This delivers a certain aesthetic discomfort and, what's wrong to hide, "hits" on the wallet. What to do in this case, what means to use, and is it possible to save? We will tell you about the new product of the beauty-industry.

Loyal assistant

Again and again appearing gray hair looks unattractive, and overgrown roots and even more do not give beauty.You are forced at least once a month to visit the salon and lay out a tidy sum to tint some of the curls. But it often happens that there is an important celebration or event ahead, the hairstyle requires correction, and the master has no places for the near future.

There are several ways out of this situation:

  1. Show ingenuity and sweat over hair, in which regrown roots will be invisible.
  2. Purchase identical paint and carry out the procedure of dyeing yourself.
  3. Use a useful novelty - toning spray for the roots.

And if the first two options will require you time and patience, then the latter will become a real wand-zashchalochkoy. The authorship of the creation of the painter concealer is attributed to the stylist Rita Hazan, famous among world stars.

The mass issue of budgetary funds began the company L'Oreal. Her product called “Magic Retouch” instantly gives the necessary shade to hair, dries quickly, and retains the color until the first wash. Thanks to the active coloring pigments, gray hair becomes invisible. In addition, the composition of such sprays is perfectly combined with any kinds of paints and allows you to create an invisible transition between the existing color and the shaded area.

How to choose a tool? Of the five shades presented, you only need to get as close as possible to yours. The use of spray also does not cause problems. It is enough to follow the instructions indicated on the canister:

  1. Shake before applying the paint evenly.
  2. To spray on clean, dry hair, keeping at a distance of 10-15 cm.
  3. You should not overdo it, even a small amount is enough to cope with the task.

The tool for filling the roots is an excellent express method that will help to quickly put in order your curls, hiding for a while the roots have grown. And your kind will remain invariably perfect.

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