How to upgrade the bathroom

Clean outbathroomroom from all the rubbish that is found in it. Throw away half-empty bottles, jars, the contents of which you stopped using a year ago. Get rid of dust and cobwebs behind the washing machine and under the bathtub, clean the ventilation grill, clean and clean the grout between the tiles with an old toothbrush. The bathroom will immediately become more comfortable.
Decide how much money from the budget you can allocate to bring the bathroom in order. Try to make an approximate cost estimate, not lazy to find out prices, for example, on the Internet.
Determine what needs to be urgently redone in your bathroom, and what can be just refurbished. Remember the budget.
Assess the state of the tile. Surely you would like to change all of it to a new one. But perhaps the best solution would be to remove some area, the tile on which, for example, cracked, changed color, and only replaced it. By the way, you can use inserts from decorative tiles - single or, if the remote area is large enough, whole panels that are easy to find in any shop of finishing materials.
Assess the condition of plumbing.You may have to replace something that has finally worn out and / or lost its presentable appearance. The joy of constantly dripping tap and peeling watering can is no soul.
Assess the condition of the furniture. Everything that needs repair, repair. It is easy to change the appearance of the lockers, for example, with the help of vinyl stickers (by the way, you can use them for wall decoration) and / or new accessories.
Replace towels, a rug, other textiles, a curtain and a bath screen with those that are more relevant to your idea of ​​the perfect bathroom. However, be careful when choosing shades - they must be in harmony with other colors available in the room.
Rate the condition of the bath. If it is deplorable, then you can go in several ways. The most difficult, dirty and expensive - replacement bath. More simple and cheap - installation of acrylic liner. And one of the most affordable is enameling. Of course, you will have to attend to the search for a specialist.
Hang a new mirror or decorate an old one. This can be done, for example, with the help of a contour on glass, glitter, stained glass paints and good imagination.

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