How to understand that half the life has gone

������All people are mortal, and so far it has not been possible to change it. Of course, there are many theories about the immortality of the soul, but this is another state that people also question. Understanding of the finiteness of what is happening, each comes in its own time, someone realizes this, losing loved ones, someone realizes when old age is approaching.


According to statistics from 2012, the average Russian lives 70.4 years. But the life span of a man is 63.9 years, and a woman has 75.6 years. Accordingly, we can say that the middle of the life path falls on 32-36 years. But this if you use mathematical methods. But you can judge by the activity of a person, by the period of its implementation.
Up to 15 years, a person is engaged in education, of course, this is a very busy period, but realization in society at this time is almost impossible. The person begins to actively do something at an older age.It is believed that from 20 to 60 years, people can make discoveries, achieve goals, enjoy moments. Of course, it is also possible with an older age, but with less efficiency. If you associate half the life with the implementation period, you will get almost the same result: 35-40 years of life is the moment when much is already behind.
Over the years, human activity decreases. The aging process slows down the reaction, the body needs more time to recover, and the energy of past years is gone. And the more age, the more noticeable these transformations. Therefore, it is worth considering that no one is getting younger. Of course, modern medicine changes its appearance, but it is still impossible to stop the wilting process completely.

How many have lived

It is worth looking back at your life and understand how many years have passed. If you are over 40, then we can say that you have already crossed the equator of life. Usually, a person goes through a deep psychological crisis in the region of 30-40 years, it is often associated with the average age. At this time, the results are summarized and new priorities are built. The dreams of youth become only desires, and practical goals come to the fore.
But if this stage is passed, do not despair, there is still an opportunity to catch up with a lot.There is a theory that time is measured not by years, but by impressions. So, there is an opportunity to live in the remaining years not as much or even less, but much more. You just need to saturate your life with events and actions. Give up routine, engage in something that will give new impressions. You can travel more, play sports, fall in love or make new acquaintances. Remember that you also have the experience and knowledge that can help you achieve success, and you just need to start moving towards certain goals.

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