How to tuck a bob hair in 2018

You will need
  • - hair spray,
  • - hair styling foam or gel
  • - hair styling wax,
  • - curlers,
  • - hair dryer.
Wash your hair with shampoo. Rinse thoroughly under running water. If required, apply a cleansing agent or a balm. At the same time try to leave intact hair roots or scalp, as styling will not hold well. Rinse well after this with clean water. If the hair is in good condition, it will be sufficient to apply only a special fluid for the tips of the hair or conditioner that does not need to be washed off.
Dry the hair, but not until it is completely dry with a hair dryer or in a natural way. If you are using a hair dryer, then you should not set the switch on the supply of too hot a stream of air, the average temperature is enough.
Take any styling product - a mousse or gel of your choice, apply it on your hair and gently spread it with a comb with frequent teeth across the entire length.
Remove the nozzle from the hair dryer and dry the hair, lifting it from the roots. You can tilt your head down and perform this action against their growth. The hair dryer must be turned on at the highest power.
Comb almost completely dry hair out and lay it out using a round brush with a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle. Hair pack in the direction you need. At the same time it is necessary to wind small strands on the brush and dry them with a hairdryer. A stream of air should be directed to the hair roots on both sides of the brush. After drying, each strand should be lightly sprinkled with varnish and screwed onto medium-sized curlers in the direction in which you twisted the strand on the brush. Thus, you need to wind the hair all over the head, without losing a single strand.
Remove the nozzle from the hair dryer, turn it on to the greatest power and once again dry all hair twisted on curlers.
Wait for the hair to cool completely, let it cool off with a jet of hot air, and then remove all the curlers.
Place your hair with your fingers, carefully disassembling the curls, so as not to destroy the styling. In no case do not use a comb for this, even if it is with large distances between the teeth.Stretch the backs of your neck a little with a comb. Remove the side strands behind the ears and secure with bright pins or invisible pins.
Take a little wax, rub it between your palms and emphasize the individual strands with your fingers, placing the curls to your liking and desire. This will give your hair completeness and piquancy.
Secure the finished styling with a strong hold lacquer.

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