How to treat heartburn folk methods

You will need
  • - baking soda;
  • - barley grain;
  • - almonds;
  • - walnuts;
  • - hard-boiled eggshells;
  • - juice of fresh potatoes;
  • - celery root;
  • - Dill seeds;
  • - calamus root, St. John's wort, trefoil, dried grass, valerian grass; gentian roots, orange peel, tansy flowers, red wine;
  • - honey, milk, mummy.
To quickly eliminate the burning sensation, drink baking soda, which is previously dissolved in boiled water (a teaspoon of soda for a third of a glass of water). However, remember that this method cannot be used constantly, since the more soda enters the stomach, the more hydrochloric acid will be produced in it, and the resultant heartburn will return with greater force.
Take a few barley kernels (you can oats) and carefully chew for half an hour. Swallow the saliva that forms and spit out the husks.
Grate the almond kernels or interpret them in a mortar. For heartburn, take a tablespoon with a small amount of boiled water. Instead of almonds, you can take walnuts or the shells of already boiled eggs.
If heartburn occurs after any consumed product, then start taking a few tablespoons of fresh potato juice per day (always on an empty stomach).
Instead of potato juice, you can use celery infusion. To make it, finely chop the dried celery root (about 10 grams) and fill it with a glass of boiling water. After infusing for 30 minutes, drink half of the prepared infusion, take the second one in the evening.
If heartburn is accompanied by nausea, then prepare an infusion of fennel seeds (can be cumin). In a glass, put 20 grams of dill and pour boiling water. After infusing for 3 hours, start taking the infusion of 5 tablespoons up to 6 times per day.
An excellent remedy for the treatment of heartburn is an infusion of medicinal herbs - calamus (rhizome), St. John's wort, trefoil and dried eggs (grass), valerian and gentian (roots), orange peels and tansy (flowers). To make it, take 20 grams of all the above components, mix and pour with red wine (1 liter).Place the infusion for 3 weeks in a dark but warm place, then strain it. Take this remedy only on an empty stomach, 30 ml twice a day.

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