How to treat a hernia

The only way to treat a hernia at this time is surgery. It is impossible and even dangerous to get rid of a hernia using popular methods, since self-treatment has never brought a good result with this ailment.
The most common and severe of the existing ones are spinal hernia, accompanied by pain and dysfunction of the pelvic organs. They occur in the lumbar spine due to the heavy load on this area.
Risk factors include any suspicious condition of the body, so you need to start treating a hernia on time, constantly checked by a doctor, to diagnose, otherwise the consequences could be detrimental to your health. Intervertebral hernia in the cervical or thoracic region is treated less frequently, as it is not so often manifested. The umbilical hernia is most often found in women, the reason for this is the weakening of the umbilical ring after childbirth. In general, the symptoms are unnoticeable, less frequent complaints of pain are associated with squeezing of organs.
You need to understand that a hernia never passes by itself and over time it can lead to serious complications, but the most dangerous is that if you do not get rid of a hernia, it can seriously threaten your life. As a rule, open or endoscopic surgery is performed. Operations are done in all age groups.
Conservative treatment is not carried out, since the bandages will not prevent further growth of the hernia, but will only lead to the development of complications. But attempts to take vitamins, in other words, drug treatment, will not lead to anything, because it can not cure a hernia. Only vitamin C in the postoperative period is needed as a scar healing.

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