How to treat a headache


If you feel a headache, you can remove it in the first 30 minutes. To do this, you must take a dose of appropriate painkillers, for example, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Drink as much water as possible. Dehydration increases headache, and can also be a direct cause of it. Some people try to drown out the pain with caffeinated beverages and drugs, but this is fraught with complications. Caffeine contributes to the rapid removal of headaches, but its excessive consumption itself becomes a source of such pains. In addition, in no case do not mix drugs with caffeine, it also leads to headaches.


If you have the opportunity, try to find a quiet place and relax for at least 30 minutes. Turn off the lights and slide the curtains on the windows, if necessary, use a special eye patch. The temperature of the air in the room depends on your usual preferences.If you are in the workplace, warn your colleagues and ask them not to disturb you. Lie down and focus on your breathing, periodically massage the temples. Try to lie down so that your neck and head feel comfortable, do not allow tension in the muscles.

Cold pack

A good way to get rid of a headache is to use a cold compress. Wet a piece of soft cloth with cold water and apply it to the forehead. This procedure leads to a narrowing of the blood vessels in the head, which in turn reduces pain. As soon as you feel that the material begins to warm, moisten it again. To make a longer compress, put a damp cloth in a plastic bag and mark it in the freezer for a while. Such a compress will remain cold for much longer due to the pieces of ice formed in it. Applying a cold compress to the neck can also be helpful.


To relieve pain and improve the blood supply to the head can be massaged. In the simplest form of massage is reduced to slow circular movements in the temple.In addition, you can massage the entire head as if you were washing it with shampoo, while you can use coconut or argan oil, rubbing your fingertips with it. It is most effective to take help from outside.

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