How to transfer PDF to JPG and back


Converting documents from PDF to JPG can be done directly using Adobe Reader and the Universal Document Converter extension installed, which functions as a virtual printer, thus allowing you to receive image files from ordinary documents. Download the utility from the official developer site and install it by running the file and following the instructions of the software installer.You can also download Adobe Reader from the official Adobe website.
Once the utility is installed, open the file in the Adobe Reader program. To do this, simply double-click the left mouse button on the document. If PDF is not associated with Adobe Reader, right-click on the file and select “Open with”, where in the list of utilities that appears, select the appropriate one.
After downloading the document, click "File" - "Print" at the top of the program window. In the “Name” line of the “Printer” block, change the selected value to the Universal Document Converter item using the drop-down list.Click on the "Properties" button, where you will be offered the print and format settings for saving the document. Click “Load Settings” in the lower left part of the window and select PDF to JPEG, and then click “Open”. Click "OK". In the "Print" window, also select "OK" to start the conversion process. After the conversion is completed, the necessary JPG files will appear in the My Documents folder - UDC Output Files.

Jpg to pdf

To convert documents with the extension .jpg to .pdf, you can use specialized services for converting online, for example convert-my-image or convertonlinefree. In the corresponding line Choose Image, select the image file that you want to convert to PDF.Among the utilities for installation in the system for conversion, you can mark JPG to PDF Converter.
Depending on the functionality of the service, you can select one or several files. Some online services allow you to convert not only JPG, but also GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF to convert to PDF. If you want to configure certain parameters for translation from another format, you can use the corresponding options on the resource page. So that you don’t have to redo it a second time, it’s advisable to use the same size JPG to get a quality PDF file.
After making the settings, click on the “Start” button and wait until the conversion process is completed, after which a link for downloading the received PDF file will appear on the screen. Save the document on your computer to complete the operation.

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