How to track the parcel in the Russian Post

How to track the parcel in the Russian PostProbably every person at least once in their life had to send a parcel. This is easy to do, but you always want to be sure that the shipment will reach the addressee unharmed and at the right time. And if earlier it was not possible to trace the path of the parcel post, then today it is no longer a problem. In this article we will explain how to track the parcel in the Russian Post.

What is a mail id

Modern technologies have made great strides in comparison with the past decades. The Post of Russia, which acquired its own website and provided its customers with the ability to constantly monitor the cargo that they sent to another city or country, did not stand still.

Tracing the path of the parcel helps the so-called postal identifier. Each new shipment is assigned an individual number in the format of 14 digits,the combination of which should not be repeated with other premises. The recipient is given a receipt at the post office, at the bottom of which the code is indicated. It is this combination of numbers that helps to trace the path of movement of the parcel sent.

All information about the movement of the cargo is periodically entered in the database, uniform for all the offices of the company Mail of Russia. This database has an electronic version, which is presented on the Internet on the official website of the organization. Knowing the code of his parcel, any sender can log into the network at the right address and track the status of the cargo.How to track the parcel in the Russian Post

How to track the parcel


  1. Open the company's official website. His email address is: On the page that appears on the left is the “Services” section. Open it and find the “Mail Tracking” tab.
  2. You will see a window for entering numbers. Enter the desired combination into it and click the "Search" button.
  3. After that, a table will appear on the screen, in which all information about the status of the package is entered at the moment.
  4. Among other things, on the website of the company you can see all the stages of moving goods within the country.How to track the parcel in the Russian Post


What you need to know for customers of Russian Post


  1. Mailing may be in the warehouses of the organization for 30 days.
  2. If, while tracking cargo through the company’s website, you found “Dosyl” or “Postage” information in the status, it may mean that your parcel was inadvertently sent to another branch of Russian Post. As a rule, in 2-3 days the departure should arrive at the desired address.
  3. In the event that the phrase “Processing - left the place of international exchange” is in the status of your cargo on the company's website, this means that the parcel is outside the country.


Exceeding the period of delivery of mail

How to track the parcel in the Russian PostIn that case, if all the allowable deadlines have expired, and the shipped cargo has not reached its destination, you need to contact the representative office of the company and write a statement about the search for the package. To do this, you need to have with you a passport and a receipt that you received when you make out the goods.

No notice of the arrival of the parcel

Sometimes there are cases when the postal item arrives safely at the post office, but the addressee does not receive notification of the arrival of the cargo due to any fault.If you checked the status of the parcel on the official website and saw that it came to the correct address, take your passport and postal code with you, come to the department and ask for a parcel.

In this article, we talked about how to use the services of Russian Post. We hope this article will be useful to you.

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