How to tie a red thread on the wrist

To red amulet defended the owner, it is bound on his left hand. It is believed that it is through her bad energy. This amulet will protect against envy, attract happiness and well-being. If the thread is torn, it means that it has fulfilled its purpose and has saved it from evil forces.

Why should the thread be red and wool?

It is wool that promotes the formation of a favorable static field, maintains health and improves blood circulation. Many generations believed that with this talisman you can get rid of toothache and headache, heal joints and muscles.

An amulet on the wrist can be made from silk thread - it is also a natural material, therefore it has magical powers. It is important that the bracelet is red, it is he who repels evil forces, and the owner helps to overcome fears, to believe in their own strength and to achieve inner harmony.

How to tie a red thread?

The red thread cannot be accepted as a gift even from close people, it must be bought with your own money.A piece of wool will suit for this, this material will also be protected if it is properly fixed on the wrist.

The red thread is not tied independently, it should be done by a close person with whom good and sincere relations have developed. The child should be worn by this mother. First, the thread is wrapped around the wrist, then tied at 7 knots.

Do not worry if the charm is torn. So he took on a lot of negative energy. But you need to think if the thread breaks often - there is an evil and envious person nearby or someone is trying to damage. If the thread is torn, it is necessary to burn and put on a new one.

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