How to teach a child to collect a portfolio of their own

Try to instill in your child a love and interest in domestic affairs and especially in school life, so that he would dream of entering the first grade. At the same time, it is very important to be able to explain to the child that collecting a briefcase is one of his main duties, which only he can handle. Turn a boring procedure into an exciting game, and then the kid will be happy to collect school clothes and carefully fold them into a briefcase.
Be patient. Of course, you can do everything better than your child, but this does not mean that it is worth taking a portfolio from him and folding things yourself. So you only teach a schoolboy to the idea that parents will do everything instead of him, and in the future it will become more difficult to inculcate independence in the child. In no case do not scold the baby if he does something wrong. It is better to gently correct it, not reproaching and in no case rushing.Over time, he will learn to assemble a briefcase quickly and correctly, without forgetting or dropping anything.
Teach a schoolboy to collect a briefcase not in the morning, but in the evening. Otherwise, he will do everything in a hurry and will surely break or forget this or that thing. Explain that if you collect a briefcase in the evening, you will not have to get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning. When the baby starts doing everything on time, be sure to praise him. Moreover, you can even present a comic medal “for putting things in a briefcase” and a sweet reward.
Pay attention to how the workplace is organized student. If all textbooks and notebooks are placed and laid out on shelves, pencils, pens and other stationery are collected in a drawer, etc., it will be much easier for a child to quickly find the necessary things and put them in a briefcase. In this case, the process will not take too much time and the need to collect school notebooks, textbooks, etc. every evening will not cause negative emotions. In addition, in this case, it will be easier for a child accustomed to order to navigate his school bag, and this is important.

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