How to take out money from Russia in 2018

You will need
  • - a plastic card;
  • - traveler's checks;
  • - bank services for transferring funds from one account to another;
  • - services of money transfer systems;
  • - cash.
Amount in any currency equivalent to 10 thousand USD fromOf Russiacan be exported without a declaration. True, if the customs office asks how much money is in it, it will be necessary to honestly name the amount and, if necessary, present it to the customs officers. When exporting any amount in excess of this limit, you are obliged to ask for a declaration and deposit all cash in it.
Similar restrictions apply to travelers checks. The only difference between them and cash is that if they disappear, you can recover them, but it will not be easy for those who stole or found them. Each traveller’s check has its own number and must be signed. However, a fee is charged for exchanging cash for travelers checks and back.
On a plastic card, you can take out any amount that you are able to put on the account. There is no need to declare anything. But this method is not without flaws.When withdrawing cash at third-party ATMs, a fee is charged. In addition, the card can be lost, it can be withheld by an ATM. In such situations, access to your money will not be easy.
An alternative to the export of cash across the border is also the use of international money transfer systems. To send a transfer, you only need to select a system, visit the nearest point of payment, show your passport and tell who, where (country and city, in some countries you only need) and how much you transfer. There are systems where the transfer is possible only in a specific point of cash withdrawal. A commission is charged for a transfer, but it is usually small.
MoneyYou can also withdraw money abroad by transferring to a foreign bank account. If the account belongs to you, you can transfer the money to it, if only within a month from the moment of its opening you are informed about this tax. But you can withdraw money to the current account of a relative or friend abroad. To do this, both accounts, and your, and the recipient must be in the same currency.

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