How to care for a ferret?

The ferret is a very funny animal. And if you decide to have such a beast, then first of all, learn the features of caring for it.

Ferret: features, character and way of life

In general, all ferrets are small predators that live in the mink in a natural habitat. And that's why such a beast in any conditions will show interest in various holes.

All ferrets are very curious, so your pet will inspect everything new and unexplored, and sometimes not only inspect but also taste and try to see what is inside. Such animals are very mobile and active, they simply can not sit in one place. Ferret lives on average from 7 to 9 years.

Accustom to the leash

As for lifestyle, the ferret can sleep about 12-14 hours a day, but during wakefulness it will be incredibly active. Such an animal has a negative attitude towards loneliness and prefers to actively communicate and interact with its fellow human beings or with others.

That is why domesticated ferrets are quite friendly, they are not afraid of people and communicate with them with pleasure. But animals raised on farms can be aggressive. You should be ready to devote a few hours a day to your friend, otherwise the pet will find something to do, but you are unlikely to like it. Mandatory outdoor games and weasel.

With children, these animals also get along, as with other animals. But some habits can be unpleasant and even dangerous. First, ferrets love to jump and sneak, and a dog or cat can regard it as a threat and attack. Secondly, ferrets often bite each other during the game, and the same can be done with the child, causing him pain. So do not leave the animal alone with other pets or with a child.

The pet will show discontent with a hiss, and pleasant emotions may be accompanied by a rumbling.

Home Content

Unusual pet

The domestic ferret will feel quite comfortable both in the apartment and in the house. But still there are some rules, the observance of which is necessary for the safety and proper development of the animal. Here are the most important points:

  • Close all cracks and holes (in furniture, in household appliances and ceilings). As already noted, ferrets show a genuine interest in them and can get injured or stuck.
  • All ferrets are very resourceful animals that can make caches and store toys or food there. And it is better to immediately allocate for the pet some nook, and other places suitable for storing something, close. Then you can clean the spoiled food and avoid the unpleasant odors coming from it.
  • Always tight (better lock), close the doors in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If they are open, then the animal can get into the room and make a real pogrom there. And if the pet decides to explore the toilet or taste the shampoo, then it can be fatal.
  • Move all home plants to inaccessible places. Chorok will absolutely accurately dig the earth, and it is simply impossible to disaccustom it from it.
  • Always close all the doors behind you, but do it very carefully, as the ferrets are very quick and brisk.


If you decide to keep a pet in a cage, then it should be fairly spacious for movement and games.The optimal dimensions of your pet's dwelling are as follows: length not less than one meter, width not less than 50 centimeters, and height not less than 80 centimeters.

In the cage, there must of course be a litter on which the animal can sleep or rest. It is also advisable to provide a house or a secluded place. And you can also hang something like a hammock.

In general, it is not necessary to purchase a cage, if you wish, you can select a room for your pet or allow him to lead a free lifestyle and walk around the apartment. But if you are not at home, then at the time of absence, it is better to lock the ferret in a cage, as it can literally turn everything upside down.


Optimal toilet for the ferret is a cat's tray. These animals are pretty clever, so they learn to toilet quickly. At first you will have to constantly watch the pet. If he starts to smell, look for a place, immediately put him in the tray.

If the animal "missed", then put a thing impregnated with urine into the toilet so that the ferret understands which place is meant for coping with the needs. You can fill the tray with sawdust, ragged newspapers or special filler.By the way, ferrets are impatient and will not run across the whole apartment to the tray, so it’s best to place one in each room.

Peculiarities of care

Fashion Model

How to care for a domestic ferret? This is what care is required for such animals:

  • The tray needs to be cleaned daily, but better after each emptying of the bladder or intestine of the animal.
  • The litter should be changed every week, as it can emit unpleasant odors.
  • Every two or three weeks you need to cut your pet claws, as they can interfere or even lead to injury (for example, if the animal is caught behind a curtain, it can provoke a dislocation or loss of the claw). For this procedure, it is better to use a special clipper. You need to cut that part of the claw that is below the red vein - the blood vessel. It is better to deviate from this vein a few millimeters. In the event of damage to the vessel and nerve endings, bleeding may occur, and pain may also occur. This procedure is not very pleasant, so distract the animal, for example, spread its tummy with something tasty.
  • Every 2-4 weeks you need to clean the ears. It is better to do this while sleeping pet.Use a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide or sterile vaseline oil for cleaning. Clean only the ears, do not touch the ear canals.
  • Many ferrets enjoy swimming, but others do not like it. It is not necessary to bathe a pet more than once a month, this can provoke an unpleasant smell (after interacting with water, the sebaceous glands that emit an odorous secret begin to work hard). Use special shampoos. It is better to bathe the ferret in a basin or a sink, but if he likes to swim, select the whole bath, but be sure to equip an island of rest (this may be a regular bucket). And do not leave the pet alone, watch out for its safety. After the procedure, wipe your pet gently. If he resists, put him in a box with high sides, and put a towel on the bottom. Give the animal time to clean up.


As a rule, mature individuals reproduce 1-2 times a year. Males in such periods mark the territory, and the females are very nervous (even deaths are known). Therefore, if you do not plan breeding, it is better to mast male, and sterilize female.



Ferrets also get sick, like any other animals. And that is why once or twice a year you should show your four-legged friend to a veterinarian, this will allow to identify and eliminate problems in time and to avoid serious illnesses. A trip to the doctor is required in case of deterioration of the pet.

How and what to feed?

Feeding the ferret should be special. These animals are predators, so they just need meat. Here’s what a pet’s menu can do:

  • special dry premium food;
  • raw meat and offal (only the highest quality and fresh);
  • cereals with processed meat and offal from various cereals;
  • as a treat you can offer fruits or vegetables (except citrus fruits and bitter vegetables, as well as potatoes).

Young ferrets are fed 3 times a day, adults - 2, and kids - 4. Avoid spicy, sweet, salty and marinated food, semi-finished products. Ensure that there is always water in the access area.


Buy pet toys or make them yourself. Ferrets love boxes, rustling and ringing things, rags.

The walks


Walking with an adult ferret can and should be done, but not in the heat and not in slush, and also not after the illness. By winter walks you need to prepare a pet beforehand, starting to walk in the autumn in cool weather.Avoid hypothermia (it is better to carry a blanket with you) and overheating.

We buy a ferret

The ferret is better purchased by proven breeders. How much does such a animal cost? From 3 to 15 thousand rubles. Everything depends on the color, characteristics and pedigree.

Get this funny pet and take care of it correctly!

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