How to stop worrying while talking?

Each of us, whoever we work for, has to face public appearances, and this applies not only to teachers and teachers. We all have to make presentations at work, talk to superiors, or just strangers. One should not forget about how important it is to speak at a job interview. Very often our interlocutors are not affected by what we say, but by the way we do it.

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Speakers are not born, they become! Not every one of us can defeat everyone on the spot with his confident speech. What to do if at the thought of speaking in front of a hundred people, it shakes, knees weaken, and in general you want to run away from all this. Escape is not an option! We must once and for all overcome our fear of public speaking. How to do this, try to figure it out.

First, it is worth understanding the reason for your fear. Most often it is the fear that you will be laughed before everyone’s eyes, that no one will listen to you, that you will forget about everything you wanted to say.You may have experienced a similar bad experience in your childhood, and you still cannot forget that shame. But you need to live on. Often all the embarrassments that occur during performances are due to the fact that we think too much about them.

We are set to fail, and we begin to suffer in advance. The body does not relax, and at the most crucial moment it gives everything accumulated, in the form of a trembling voice and hands, a red face, and a state of fainting.

Spend a couple of hours on the moral preparation for the report. Think over all the terrible things that can happen during a performance, mentally experience these events and leave them with a smile. All the same, it is impossible to predict all the events, we just do not know how everything goes. So why torment yourself ahead of time. The simpler and easier we relate to the situation, the better everything happens. Proven years of experience.

Secondly, you need to carefully prepare. Get ready for the show, not earlier than two days before it. Learn the text, rehearse in front of a mirror or loved ones, most importantly do it with a smile. If you need to talk immediately, do not panic.Follow a couple of recommendations to help you relax and concentrate.

Tell yourself or think that you are the most peaceful, that everything will be fine, nothing terrible will happen. Self-expression works wonders.

Do not forget about the correct breathing. After all, you have repeatedly noticed how, wildly, the heart begins to pound before the performance, as the breath begins to stray. It can be controlled. Take a slow breath, hold your breath, exhale.

Think about something good. Repeat 10-20 times. Relax. Do not forget about facial expressions, stiff muscles of the body. You need to relieve tension. To do this, stay alone for at least five minutes, go to the toilet, go outside.

If possible, sit down several times, make circular movements with your neck, knead your shoulders, fingers. These simple exercises will help to forget about the upcoming performance. And even if there are people nearby who know about your terrible excitement, stay away from them for a while. Usually their comforting words only irritate and frighten.

This is your performance, so proudly raise your head, smile, straighten your shoulders and do what you need. You will succeed!

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