How to start building a house in the garden

To begin construction you need to select the place where the house will be built. It does not hurt to consult with a specialist, because you have to take into account many factors: the condition of the soil, the distance to the neighbor's fence, and the location of the house with respect to tall trees, a compost pile or a bathroom. The opinion of a specialist is especially important if you plan to connect to the plumbing and sanitary. After all, such a connection is very expensive, so it is advisable to build a house as close as possible to the communication line.
Then you need to choose the type of house and project. Then you have to focus on your own taste, on the wishes of the household and, of course, on your financial capabilities. There are houses made of brick, blocks, timber, frame-shield, timbered. There are one-story, two-story houses with verandas, terraces and other extensions. As they say, for every taste and wallet! Choose the option that more or less suits you in all respects.
Consider how everything necessary for construction will be delivered to your site. Well, if the plot is adjacent to the road. If it has a wide entrance gate and a place where transport can unload, this is the best option. Otherwise, you will have to unload the machines outside the site, and carry the goods manually, and this will somewhat increase the cost of construction.
A very important point - the selection of the contractor. It is better not to risk and go to a reliable, solid company that has been engaged in construction for many years. Yes, its rates will certainly not be the most liberal, but then you will receive a quality guarantee, as well as the opportunity to protect your interests in court, on the basis of the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. If you hire a team of "shabashniki", the savings can later turn into large losses, if it turns out that the work was done poorly. And to recover something from such builders will be very difficult, and, most likely, impossible.
Be sure to think through the acquisition and storage of building materials, as well as the timely removal of garbage. Agree that the construction of the house should not lead to aggravation of relations with neighbors who would hardly like it if the surroundings of their plots are littered.

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