How to sew a flared skirt

How to sew a flared skirtIt is always interesting to do something with your own hands, especially if the result is a useful and original thing. Spending quite a bit of time, you can sew a beautiful skirt for your child. It will bring a lot of joy and certainly decorate your wardrobe, such a thing will look very bright and perfectly suitable for the summer season. Learn how to sew a flare-up with your own hands easily in just an hour and a half.


Step-by-step instruction


1. First, you need to measure the waist of the child and record the result.
2. Now it is necessary to determine the length. Measure the distance from the waist down to where the product will end (for example, to the middle of the calf).
3. The next step is to measure and cut the fabric. The width of the size of the fabric should be like a child's waist, multiplied by 2. If you want to make a wider skirt, you need to cut the material as 2.5 waist. The length of the matter should be a few centimeters more from the desired length (keep in mind that the material will still be turned).
4. Prepare the frill. To do this, measure the fabric as 1.5 width of the product.For a more lush ruffle, multiply the width by 2 or 3.
5. Attach the frill to the bottom edge of the skirt, making even folds. Baste the connection.
6. Sketch the seam to the bottom edge.
7. Now you need to sew the side seam.
8. Using an iron, iron the upper cut of the product, then wrap in about 2-3 centimeters inside, iron it again and wrap again to hide the raw edge.
9. Sew the top edge around the circumference, leaving a small gap not stitched. Here you will later insert a rubber band.
10. Now cut the strip of elastic about 3/4 of the child's waist length.
11. Pin a pin to the end of the elastic and use it to push the elastic into the sewn top of the skirt.
12. After straightening the elastic across the entire width of the skirt, sew the ends together.
13. Sew the edges of the elastic to the fabric. Then sew the material in the place where you inserted the rubber band.
14. The next stage is the bottom processing. You can hem the edge to hide the raw material. But there is also another way - sew a ribbon of a contrasting color on the end of the fabric and smooth the edge.
15. Cut off any excess stitching threads, stroke the product.Here is your outfit and ready!


In addition to the skirt, you can make a hat using the same material.


How to sew a flared skirt


Useful tips:


There are several options for how to sew a flared skirt. Pattern can be made for the skirt of a whole fabric, and for products from several parts. The model can be both on an elastic band without fastener, and with the sewn zipper. Leave 20–30 cm unstitched at the stage of joining the two sides of the skirt to insert a zipper later.


The pattern for the model without seams should look like a circle, in the center of which is a notch (its radius is approximately half-grasping the waist of the child).
To better imagine how to sew the flare-sun, watch video workshops on the Internet.


What colors to choose


First, think about what fabric your daughter will like. Perhaps she likes colorful colors or, on the contrary, prefers simple monophonic material. Listening to her wishes, select the appropriate fabric for the future skirt.


Several variants of colors:


  • flower ornaments are very relevant this season, and will look great in combination with flare;
  • plain pastel will also be a good option for summer walks;
  • if you want to choose a fabric with a pattern, then it is better to choose small ornaments;
  • White and black flared skirt - a classic solution, it can be very easily combined with tops and blouses, as well as complemented with ornaments;
  • White, beige or blue fabric with small flowers is a very romantic and gentle option.


To make the skirt more interesting, decorate it with small bows, use ribbons of different colors for decoration. You can also sew a sequin or a colorful ribbon between the main part of the skirt and the frill.


Now you know how to sew a flared skirt, and you can safely get to work. Sure, the process of creating a skirt will take a little time, and the finished result will delight you and your daughter.

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