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Modern technology has made our lives easier. There are computers, cameras and mobile communications that allow us to communicate easily and easily. Very popular is the exchange of information with the interlocutor, not so much through calls, as through sms messages. Next, an interesting site will tell you more about sending messages.


To write and send an SMS message does not necessarily have to be a computer genius. Some may think that this is very long and difficult, in fact it is a very convenient way of exchanging information, especially if you are at a meeting or simply can not answer for some reason an urgent call. SMS-communication enables you to exchange information in a short time and with minimal costs.


To send a message, you need to go to the phone menu, select "messages", then "write a new message." After that the window will open where you will type the text that you want to transfer to another person by phone.


Each button is programmed to insert certain letters. Which one to insert is decided by you. If this is a standard text set, then to select a letter, you need to press the key with the letter you need until the symbol you need appears on the phone screen.


If this is the T9 mode, the phone can automatically assume that you are going to enter the word after you have typed the first few letters of the word. Then a list of words will appear in the box, from which you can select the necessary ones.


If you want to enter some number and you need to insert numbers, then you need to keep the key pressed with the number you need.


After the text is typed, you proceed to the next stage, namely enter in the “to” field the mobile phone number of the person to whom you are going to send this message.


After the text is typed, the recipient is selected, click on "send", usually this inscription can be found in the right corner of the mobile phone window. Click on "send" and the message is sent. In a couple of minutes you will receive a report on the delivery of the message, and the recipient will be able to read what you so wanted to tell him.

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