How to repair a car

Polish the surface of the car. Remember that when washing in poor conditions, dirt is smeared on the body. Sand entering the coating also has a negative effect. It is necessary to take into account the precipitated acid precipitation, salt found on the roads and various reagents. After prolonged use of the machine in such conditions, its body may corrode. In order to restore the paintwork, polish the body, which will eliminate minor scratches and cracks, prevent corrosion and restore the appearance of the car. After the removal of small scratches, it is necessary to carry out protective polishing of the car, which will allow to preserve the effect obtained. After such a polishing car will be less dirty, it is easier to wash and look like a new one.
Spend dry cleaning the car. Remember that if the car itself is washed about once a week, the interior of the car is vacuumed no more than once a month.Usually, this is simply not enough time. But remember that the salon - this is the space in which you are the longest. Therefore, it is subject to the greatest wear. If you own a car with a leather interior, then instead of expensive and often useless chemicals, use plain water with soap. After washing immediately wipe the skin with a dry cloth. Then apply conditioner to the skin that protects it from burnout and cracks.
If you own a car with a fabric interior, then first thoroughly vacuum the seats and upholstery. It is advisable to use a steam or washing vacuum cleaner. Next, wipe the cloth with a wet cloth and let it dry. If you do not want to experiment and do dry cleaning yourself, then use the services of professionals at the car wash or service station.
Polish car headlights. During the ride they are constantly hit by dust and sand, as a result of which the plastic surface of the headlamp becomes cloudy. It is possible to replace the entire headlamp, but it is much cheaper to turn to professionals who will process plastic with special abrasive pastes until transparency appears.

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