How to remove the second chin with exercise

Improper fit of the head - one of the reasons that leads to the formation of a double chin. When the back is hunched, the head is pulled forward, and the neck is compressed. Work on your posture. Determine the violations in it, then proceed to the exercises.

Another reason for the appearance of excess chin - the accumulation of fat. Power will need to be adjusted. FROMchin conditionwill largely depend onton of neck muscles- measures to strengthen them will help tighten the skin in the problem area.

Exercise 1. Make a fist with your left hand, cover with your right. Place your hands under the lower jaw, pressing your elbows to your chest. Press down with your chin, but they must resist. In this position, linger for a couple of seconds. Run 10 times in a row. Keep your back straight.

Exercise 2.Relax your lips, tongue should be stuck forward and twisted upward as animals hold during the lap. So repeat 25 times, without folding his lips.

Exercise 3 - to strengthen the muscles of the neck. Put your palms on your neck so that one is higher than the other. Fingers should be pointed back. Wrap your neck without pressing, fix your hands. Swing your whole body back and forth, repeat 25-30 times. Try not to throw your head back.

Exercise 4. Sit on a chair, keep your back straight. Turn your head to the side. Raise the chin up, the lower jaw should be pulled forward and lightly patting the chin with a palm. Perform pats 30 times, so do 2 or 3 repetitions. Turn the head to the other side and repeat all over again.

During all the exercises, try to keep your back smoother.

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