How to remove spots?

Very often, we are faced with the problem of removing stains from clothes. It sometimes seems to us that we will never be able to bring them out, and with this problem we will have to say goodbye to the thing. So let's consider how to remove stains from clothes.

Recommendations for cleaning

Before you start to remove stains, you must thoroughly clean the surface of the clothes from dust. Starting the procedure is best on the wrong side. Under the fabric we put a white cloth or paper napkin. The cleaner is initially tried on a small piece of fabric of a similar color to see if there will be any side effect. Especially neat to be necessary with synthetic fabrics. The cleaning process itself is best not done by hand, you can use a small cotton swab or a brush for this, but only a soft one. Carefully wet the spot of contamination near the stain and gradually move from the edge of the stain to the middle of the stain. This must be done so that the stain does not blur in different directions. It is best to start cleaning with a weak solution and if its action is not able to rid the surface of the fabric from the stain, then the concentration should be strengthened.

Method of removing spots

Now let's look at how to remove stains from juice and fruit. If the colored or bright fabric is contaminated, then it is advisable to remove the stain with lemon juice or citric acid mixed with salt. If this stain has been formed for a long time, then it is advisable to pre-hold the material for some time over a pan of boiling water, then wipe with vinegar or lemons with juice. Then wipe the surface of the fabric with a swab, pre-moistened with onion juice, and leave for a certain time.

If you notice that chewing gum is stuck to your favorite dress, you can get rid of it by putting clothes in the freezer. Under the action of cold, the gum will no longer be sticky and it will be very easy to remove. If after this a spot remains in the same place, it will be possible to get rid of it with the help of gasoline. Grease stains can be removed with soap. Salt should be added to a fresh spot, and after it dries, you can rub a little. Regarding how best to get rid of fat stains, it is written in the article "How to remove fat stains?". You can also use talcum powder in addition to salt and iron the stain with an iron, but not very hot.

Fatty and dark spots

If you notice that your collar is dirty on your shirt, you should wipe its surface with laundry soap before washing. For more details on how to remove stains on a shirt's collar, see the article “How to remove stains from sweat?”. If you have stains from dairy products on your clothes, they should be washed as quickly as possible, since if the protein dries out, it will be very problematic to remove it. It is best to use a mixture of two tablespoons of glycerin, water and ammonia. After the stain is moistened, it is placed between two pieces of natural fabric and ironed.

Chocolate stains are removed with liquid ammonia or salt water. If you do not know how to remove the old spot, then it is best to remove it with hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to soak the fabric and hold in this position for ten minutes. Now you just have to rinse the fabric in cold water and the old stain will rebound.

If you need to get rid of the stains of tea or coffee, then they need to be removed with a special brush, which was previously soaked in warm water. Now we are making a special solution: half a teaspoon of soda and one teaspoon of ammonia per one liter of water. We moisten the surface of the stain with this solution and hold it for several minutes.Now it remains only to rinse the fabric in warm water and the stain disappears. More details on how to get rid of coffee stains can be found in the article “How to remove tea stains?”.

If you want to get rid of a blood stain on clothes, you must first wet it with cold water and then rinse it in a simple soap solution. You can also wash such clothes in a solution of water and aspirin tablets. Thus, it is not so difficult to get rid of stains, the most important thing is to prevent them from drying and immediately after you detect the contamination, begin to fight it. Very often, spots that are noticed immediately are removed with simple warm water without using various preparations.

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