How to remove spoilage yourself

How to remove spoilage yourself

In our life there are such moments when everything goes awry: illnesses break relatives and relatives, things at work go badly, in love there are afflictions too. At such moments, the idea arises that life is not a sequence of black and white bands, but one solid black band. All of these factors can be signs of damage imposed on you. Who has committed such a malevolent ritual in your direction? Obviously, this is a person to whom you somehow crossed the road. In addition, the damage can bring a person who is very jealous of you in anything, be it a career or personal life. The name of this person will not be so easy to learn.

So, by what signs can you understand that such a curse is imposed upon a person, and how to remove spoilage at home?

Signs of spoilage

How to remove spoilage yourself

What signs in a person's life clearly indicate the damage imposed on him? There may be several.

  • Daily debilitating insomnia. Very often a person cannot fall asleep for reasons unknown to him. This is repeated day after day.Maybe it's damage? Harmless plot, in fact, compared to other possible. However, this is not quite true. Prolonged absence of healthy sleep in a person can lead in the future to serious health problems and relationships with people around. Of course, the lack of sleep is not always explained by the presence of damage on a person. It is necessary to consult a doctor with your problem and to begin to try to drink something soothing.
  • Changes in the relationship with a loved one. You may have noticed that a person close to you, such as a spouse, has become very cold towards you. This is also an occasion to reflect on the damage due to someone else's jealousy or jealousy. Although the spat may not be associated with damage, but with some misunderstanding on the part of lovers. Sure, you should start to talk with each other.
  • Another important signal of damage to a person is unreasonable diseases. A person may feel tired, unwell, pain in any part of the body. These symptoms may not be associated with any external influence. A distinctive feature of damage is that the examination of doctors does not bring any results; it becomes difficult for them to determine the cause of this symptom.
  • Nervous breakdowns and panic attacks can also be signs of damage. If these symptoms are not associated with a serious mental disorder or various external factors, you should seriously think about the presence of damage to the person.
  • In addition, to determine the presence of damage can be a very interesting method. Few people know about this, but animals have some connection with the other world. This has been revealed since ancient times. So, if you have a cat or dog at home, pay attention to the pet's attitude to you. If it has changed dramatically for the worse (the pet is trying with all its might to avoid contact with you), and you feel that something bad is going on in life, we are most likely talking about damage.
  • A series of failures in life may also indicate damage to a person or his family. All things literally fall out of my hands, things are going very badly, situations turn to you not the best side - familiar?
  • Prolonged depression can also be a sign of damage. A person may suddenly feel a sharp disgust for everything he does, for close people and even for himself. Such depressions tend to end very badly.
  • It is also worth noting a number of obvious factors that can only be related to the presence of superimposed damage on a person. For example, if you touch a person on whom there is supposedly damage, a cross or holy water, he will feel a burning sensation in this place. Also, reddening may occur on the contact area.
  • Obvious evidence of damage is the presence of a terrible smell in the room, which only feels a person with damage. If you interview the people around you, they probably will not feel this "sinister scent".
  • In addition, the evidence of damage may be blackening on the hands of a person, not associated with any external influence. Very often, such blackening can be found at the place of wearing rings by man.

As already mentioned, not necessarily any of these factors may indicate the presence of spoilage in a person. It is necessary to understand the reason for the changes that have appeared, if it really exists and is explicable by you, thoughts of damage can be driven aside. If you understand that diseases, depression or discord in the family were the result of ill-willed inflicted damage on you, pay attention to how to remove the damage yourself at home.

How to remove damage at home

How to remove spoilage yourself

So, if you are sure that only a special person can remove the damage, you should definitely read this article. The essence of the removal of damage from a person is in the true intention to get rid of all life adversities and ailments. Sincerely, only you yourself can want and believe in improvements. Bearing in your head the thought of the damage you have, you can spend a huge amount of energy to achieve the desired result. Will it only from this sense?

The surest thing that a person can do when he decides that damage lies on him - to pray. It is prayer that can bring your experiences to heaven. What prayer is needed?

If you are a Christian, then perform the following ritual: light a church candle and be baptized by it, uttering the words from the prayer "Our Father." If you profess another religion, then say the words of your prayer to God, asking for enlightenment in life, the emergence of something good. The essence is not so much in prayer, so much in how much you believe in it and desire it. In general, resorting to this method is not only when life turns its back on you.

There is one ritual known to many that will allow you to remove damage from a person. For it you will need salt and candles. Since ancient times, it became known that salt can be a container of both beneficial and negative energy. That is why they remove the damage to the salt. With the help of salt they induce spoilage and with its help they clean.

You need to take in the church 13 candles. Why candles? For a long time, candles are a guide to the other world, our reflection. With the help of candles are also held various love spells. At midnight, place 13 candles around and place a bag of regular table salt next to you. Watch some time how the candles melt and think about the good. Then open the package with salt and say the following words: "From yourself and your husband, from children and relatives, damn damage, rather get away." Read the Our Father Prayer. When the candles burn out, take a pack of salt and candles, wrap it in a bag and bury it in the ground. It is desirable where there is no man’s foot. Wait for improvements for 13 days, then repeat the whole procedure with salt and candles.

However, if you clearly feel and understand what damage can be associated with, it is important to do a special ritual to remove it.

Removal of damage to death

How to remove spoilage yourself

One of the worst is damage to the death of a person.It seems that the ill-wisher has become so angry that he wants only death for another person. How to cope with this damage? In general, with such serious damage it is better to turn to an experienced specialist.

How to determine the presence in the life of a person of such damage? There is one ancient method: pour a little more than half of cold water into a glass. Take one raw egg and break it into a glass so that the yolk does not get damaged. Sit on a chair and place a glass with an egg on top of your head, holding it with your hand. Sit like 3 minutes. After that, look what happened to the egg yolk. If there is no change, everything is good and nothing to worry about. If you suddenly saw columns extending from egg yolk with characteristic darkening or bubbles - the damage still caught up with you.

If you decide to remove the damage yourself, you must be patient, because the ritual lasts a very long time. For 7 days, starting from Sunday, observe fasting daily, go to church, and say the words “Our Father”. In the church, you can tell a prayer from the conspiracy or the evil eye, which should be read at night every day.

Removal of damage to health

How to remove spoilage yourself

To remove damage to health can be as follows: for seven days, 3 times a day, drink a glass of sanctified water and wash your face with it. At the same time, it is also necessary to repeat the words from the prayer “Our Father” and be baptized.

Removal of damage to beauty

How to remove spoilage yourself

Damage to beauty is usually removed with the help of a chicken egg (preferably fresh, not lying in the refrigerator). This is one of the most common ways. It is necessary to roll the egg through the body from left to right, saying the words: “Dryness and nausea, yes jealousy, yes, slander, yes the lining of ailments - everything is in this egg, not on my face!”. After that, you need to break the egg into a glass of water and pour the liquid into the sink with running water. The shell must be gathered into paper and burned.

Removal of damage to loneliness

How to remove spoilage yourself

Such damage, as a rule, is imposed not on an individual, but on his entire generation of the family. For this reason, it is worth contacting a knowledgeable magician who will help you remove such a curse from your kind.

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