How to leave Vkontakte?

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How to leave Vkontakte?

The user of the social network vkontakte at some point may need to delete your page forever. The reasons for this may be different, for example, a change of account or simply the need to delete personal information, which has accumulated a lot on the user's page in order to simply clear it, by searching for individual photos and comments. Consider how you can retire from VKontakte.

Delete page in VK

Of course, social networks are not at all interested in their users being able to easily delete their page, so the deletion process can be repeatedly complicated in order to push the user away from the social network. If you look at clause 4.14 “On the rules of use” of the social network on VKontakte, then you can find at least three pages of text specifying the conditions for removing a user from a social network. VKontakte has a special group that is dedicated to this topic and, of course,It will be difficult for an ordinary user to delve into all the nuances, as well as to read user comments with questions that are likely to arise from him.

The essence of the removal from the social network VKontakte is reduced to several points.

  • First, it is deactivating the page. You can implement it by clicking on the link. After that, your VKontakte page will be deactivated;
  • After that, 7 months must pass, during which you do not have to visit the deactivated page. During this time, access to your page will be limited, no one can get on it or write a comment.
  • If you still go to your page within 7 months, then know that it will become active again.
  • You can write to the support service about page deactivation, however this method is not always effective, because experts do not always pay attention to such requests. After all, in theory, the removal function is already provided and the user can use it himself.

If you want to restore your page, you can simply enter your username and password and click the appropriate button, which will be called "Restore page".Delete VC

It is recommended to unbind your phone number from the page. With all this, it should be borne in mind that even if you completely want to delete your page and did not visit it for 7 months, your first name, surname and patronymic, which you specified during registration on the social network, will remain in the social network vkontakte database. Also, information will remain that concerns you and is stored on the pages of other users who have in any way contacted you, left messages on your wall, wrote notes about you, and so on.

Thus, despite the fact that the user actually has the right to delete information that has been posted on this social network, it is possible that completely remove it does not work. For more information on this issue, we recommend that you read the article How to delete a page in contact.

Alternative way

There is another way to delete a page from VKontakte. Perform the following steps.

  • go to "My Settings" and select "Privacy";
  • open the “Who can watch my page” tab;
  • put a tick in front of "Nobody" and click "Delete Page";
  • click save, after which you will need a month not to go to your VKontakte page. If you enter it, the deletion will not occur, and the countdown will begin again.

It is recommended to replace your information on a remote page with another.

Why is it so difficult to leave Vkontakte

Given all the above, the average user may have a question: why is it so difficult for him to leave the social network? This is due not only to the fact that social networks have a need to retain users, as was noted above.

Such measures are also a barrier for hackers. The fact is that if your page on the social network VKontakte could be deleted by people who hacked your account, then you could lose all the data in literally 1 second. And if you can restore your page, even in the case of hacking, you can recover data.

Manually delete information

Thus, in order for a person to delete all information from his page on the social network VKontakte, one must first untie his phone number,Delete VCchange the name, surname, patronymic and remove all photos, comments, wall posts manually. In fact, the page should remain completely naked.

Thus, your page will become inactive and inaccessible to other users; a new name will enter the social network database, which you specify before deleting the page. But remember that information about you will remain with other users who have ever been in contact with you.

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