How to register individual entrepreneurs in a pension fund

You will need
  • - copy of the TIN;
  • - A copy of the state registration certificate as an individual entrepreneur;
  • - A copy of the insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
  • - employment contract with an employee;
  • - copy of the passport.
Registration at the Pensionthe fundwill occur automatically after you receive the OGRN in the tax inspection. The pension fund will assign you a 13-digit registration number. The first three digits are the code of the subject of the Russian Federation; the next three digits are the area (city) code; the next six digits are the ordinal number of the record of the individual in the FIU department.
If you are planning to hire employees, you need to register with the Pensionthe fundas an insurer no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the employment contract. Registration takes place in the territorial body of the FIU at your place of residence.Provide the entire package of documents and you will be given a "Notice of registration as an insurer making payments to individuals."
If you wish to pay insurance premiums for yourself more than the law requires, you must register with the PRF separately. To do this, submit an application, passport, insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance, notification of registration as an insured for mandatory pension insurance. Within 10 days you will be given a "Notice of the registration of the insured who voluntarily entered into legal relations for compulsory pension insurance"
It is necessary to register at the Pension Fund, if you do not have employees, register and pay only for yourself, if there are employees, register as an employer and pay for them.
In case of violation of the registration period, a fine of 5,000 rubles may be charged.
Helpful advice
Individual entrepreneurs can be registered in the FIU as insurers on the following grounds: as carrying out labor activity independently; as making payments to individuals; as paying a fixed payment above the minimum.

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