How to register ICQ in mobile

You will need
  • - mobile phone with Java and GPRS support;
  • - browser.
Go to the official ICQ site ( in your browser and select the “Registration” section. Enter your name and surname in the appropriate fields of the form window that opens. Enter your email address. Please note that only one ICQ number can be registered to one email. Create a new password to log into your account. It should be remembered that when creating a password, it must be eight-digit and contain only Latin letters and numbers.
Print your date of birth and specify the gender. Click the "Update" button next to the image with numbers and enter the resulting value in the appropriate field. Click the "Register" button and wait until you receive an email with a link.
Follow the link received and wait for the message about successful registration. Make sure your phone supports Java and GPRS technology.The first is needed to install the client, the second for its correct operation. Install the most suitable client version on your mobile device:
- Jimm - for the vast majority of models;
- QIP PDA - for a Symbian-based smartphone or PDA running Windows Mobile.
Launch the installed application and log in to your account.
In case of cancellation of blocking the registration of a new ICQ number in the Jimm client, read the procedure.
Expand the “Settings” item in the Jimm application and select the “Account” sub-item. Press the right Menu button in the opened window and select the command “Register new”. Type the selected password in the next dialog and check the box Yes, always. Don’t ask me again in a new window.
Click OK and type the characters from the image in the “Enter code” line of the next dialog box. Click the "Send" button and wait for the new ICQ number.

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