How to recognize the tone of the uterus

If you feel heaviness in the lower abdomen, which is also accompanied by pain, immediately consult a doctor, as this may be a signtoneauterus. Of course, pain can occur due to many reasons that are not related to your pregnancy. But it is better to insure yourself and get tested.
A strained and petrified abdomen may also indicate a hypertonee. This is due to spasm of the uterine muscles.
For diagnosistoneauterusFemale consultation doctor can use various methods. For example, palpation. A woman should lie on a couch. When feeling the abdomen of a pregnant woman, one can easily feel its excessive tension and hardness.
To clarify the diagnosis, the doctor may refer a pregnant woman to an ultrasound. With this study, muscle thickening is easily detected.uteruscaused by their increased voltage. It can be both local (local), and cover the entire surface of the body.
Normally, the muscular layer of the uterus is in a relaxed state.If the pregnant woman experiences stress and feeling unwell, the muscles of the uterus can contract. The pressure in the organ increases accordingly, and this is dangerous for the fetus.
Helpful advice
To avoid hypertonia, a pregnant woman needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, strictly exercise physical activity, categorically give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol consumption). You also need to keep calm, avoid stressful situations, more often be in the fresh air.

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