How to quickly endear to the interlocutor

Be friendly and confident. You don't have to show a Hollywood smile, you can smile with your eyes alone. Radiate fluids of sincere benevolence - and they will certainly reach the interlocutor.

When talking, your gaze should be approximately at the level of the interlocutor's eyes, but you should not hypnotize the interlocutor with a close look, of course.

Listen more to the interlocutor, than speak yourself. Ask tactful questions if you know what is interesting and relevant for the interlocutor. If the person is not familiar to you, it is better not to touch on personal topics. Try not to interrupt, and if necessary, certainly apologize.

Try not to gesticulate actively, better express your emotions with a look, light movements, voice. From the sound of the voice is more dependent on how you perceive the interlocutor than on other factors. The information given by a low soft voice, much more effectively reaches the necessary purpose, than piercingly high intonations.

It is desirable to pronounce the name of the interlocutor more often - this is the most desired sound in the world for any person, but do not abuse it.

Learn interesting ways to communicate: when the other person finishes a phrase, you repeat the end of the phrase out loud. Try to catch the rhythm of the interlocutor breathing and breathe with him at the same time. And one more thing: try to blink immediately, as soon as the interlocutor blinks. Practice with your friends so that it looks absolutely natural, and then you can quickly get on the same wave of communication with any interlocutor.

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