How to put a compress

You will need
  • - a piece of cloth, better linen;
  • - compress paper;
  • - oilcloth;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - wide bandage.
In order to put a warming compress, prepare a cloth, oilcloth, cotton wool and a wide bandage. Lubricate with a petroleum jelly or vegetable oil a place where a compress is applied, then wet a piece of cloth in the medical composition (for example, it may be a solution of alcohol and oil) and apply it to the sore spot. Place a piece of oilcloth on the fabric, and a piece of cotton wool larger than oilcloth over the oilcloth. Top all three layers tightly roll up with a wide bandage, but so as not to disrupt blood circulation. A warming compress is set for 6-8 hours. After removing it, the skin that was under the compress should be wiped with alcohol and closed with a dry, warm dressing.
Cold compress to achieve local cooling and vasoconstriction, which reduces the pain effect and blood supply. This type of compresses is used for local inflammation, nasal bleeding, bruising.A piece of cloth is moistened in ice water, lightly squeezed and applied to a sore spot.Compresschange in 3-4 minutes. The procedure is carried out for 50-60 minutes.
You should know that warming compresses can not be put at high body temperature, allergies, dermatitis, furunculosis and violation of the integrity of the skin. It is not recommended to use a warming compress for heart failure, atherosclerosis with severe lesion of cerebral vessels, varicose veins and thrombophlebitis, bleeding tendency, as well as for patients with open tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.
Helpful advice
To apply a heating compress, it is recommended to dilute the alcohol solution with oil in a 1: 1 ratio. In folk medicine, compresses with burdock, plantain, cabbage, etc. are more commonly used.

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