How to protect the soil from the wind

You will need
  • - Rabitz;
  • - picket fence;
  • - fences for flower beds and beds.
Take care of natural wind protection. A very good obstacle to strong winds are tall trees or dense rows of bushes. If you have the opportunity to choose, arrange the site so that at least on one side it is protected by coniferous or deciduous trees. In the summer, such a fence will be a reliable protection from strong winds, and in the winter it will allow to hold the snow and prevent it from blowing out of your site.
Install the fence. The mistake of many is the installation of a deaf wind-proof fence, which, contrary to popular belief, creates a worse atmosphere on the site. The fact is that the air flow must pass through your garden, providing natural ventilation, transfer of pollen from wind-pollinated plants and air circulation. If you, hoping to protect the site from the wind, fence it off with a high impenetrable fence, and even plant a thick bush along the perimeter - the air inside will become “dead”, and diseases and pests will feel much better.The best option is an openwork fence made of a picket fence or a chain-link mesh. This design is not an obstacle to air flow, but significantly reduces their speed and makes them harmless.
Make sure that the most open parts of the soil inside the site are protected by trees or shrubs. Any obstacle to a strong wind increases the effectiveness of protective measures and gives you another advantage. From the side of the prevailing winds, place the raspberry or gooseberry bushes. This curtain will stop strong gusts of wind and will protect the soil in open areas. If the wind still walks on the ground, install protective fences near the beds and flower beds and make sure that there are plants in the central part of your garden that can disperse the air flow.

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