How to properly polish nails?

Polishing nails is a simple, but very effective and useful procedure. Usually it is performed before the stage of coating the nails with a protective layer of varnish. It not only gives shine and well-groomed appearance to your marigolds, but also improves blood circulation, that is, contributes to their growth.

Important points

If your nails are distinguished by increased fragility, delamination and brittleness, then polishing your nails in this case is undesirable. Or there is the option of using a very soft polishing file, no more than 1 time per month.

Even if your nails are healthy, you still should not abuse polishing. This procedure should be carried out no more than 1-2 times a month, following all instructions and rules. Carefully ensure that there are no scratches on the nails during the polishing process.


Films for polishing nails are different - from the most hard to soft. Sometimes kits are sold in which each file is marked with a number. This is the number in the order in which you should use the file when polishing.Some girls have the misconception that you need to polish only the extended nails. This is not the case at all! For extended nails there are special hard nail files, for their own - soft and safe.

There are also special creams and oils for nails, which not only nourish and moisturize your hands and nails, but also contain whole vitamin complexes.

At home

So let's get started. To get started, type a bowl of warm water in which dilute a couple of spoons of lemon juice or salt. Having steam and enriched your nails with vitamins, you can begin to polish. Nails should be cleaned from the previous manicure, cut to the length you need.

Another option for the bath is a mixture of heated vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar. Such a mask must be heated, lower the tips of the fingers into it and keep them there for 10-15 minutes. After that, wipe your hands with a dry cloth. Useful will be baths with iodine and orange juice, iodine-oil and iodine-salt baths.

To achieve the maximum effect of the smoothness of the surface of the nails, you can use a solution of salt and vegetable oil.The oil is heated, table salt is diluted in it, hands should be kept in it for no more than 20 minutes, then wash your hands with warm water.

We start polishing with a more solid nail file, treating the entire length of the nail with it, while cleaning off all unnecessary irregularities. A soft nail file enters the battle behind a soft one, repeating all the movements of its predecessor. Now it is the turn of nutritious oils and creams that will give the nails a healthy and radiant look.

It is in such simple steps that the house is polished, without losing its useful properties.


Polishing nail wax is very useful for girls and women who have weak, exfoliated nails. It provides moisture retention inside as well as enrichment with beneficial trace elements that are contained in wax. For this procedure, you will need: a polishing file with a rubber polishing side and wax for nails. If you polish your nails with more rigid nail files - carry out this procedure. Such polishing is performed in several steps:

  • Apply a layer of wax on the nail plate, rub it into the nail itself and the skin around it, thereby distributing it evenly.
  • The last stage: process the nail file with a rubber polishing surface, as soon as the finger begins to slide easily - the polishing is finished.
  • After polishing the nails with wax, you can apply a base coat for the nails and cover the cuticle with avocado oil.


In order for the nail surface to be perfectly smooth and healthy, to give it shine and beauty, it is necessary to resort to polishing nails. But do not confuse grinding and polishing. It is necessary to treat sanding with caution, you can carry out this procedure no more than once every six months, otherwise you risk making your nails weak and lifeless. If your nails are brittle and flaking, then you should consult with a specialist if you should carry out such a procedure.

Grinding is not only a cosmetic effect, but also a means of preventing various infections and negative bacteria. After all, when grinding, the upper horny layer of the nail is completely removed, which is the site of accumulation of these bacteria.

In the cabin

Polishing of nails in the salon is done in several ways: with buffs - special rectangular pads, double-sided pads that have different degrees of hardness, nail files, oils and balms, creams, scrubs, powders, and pastes.All cosmetics must be based on medicinal herbs, oils and algae.

For example, the content of essential oils of eucalyptus, citrus fruits is antiseptic in nature, as active components in scrubs and balms can be used extracts of tea tree, chili pepper, ginger, camphor oil.

Now there are helium-based creams, the use of which replaces the polishing of natural and artificial nails. This cream dries under the ultraviolet lamp, the stay under it just 1 minute. The effect is a smooth and healthy surface of the nail, which is protected from external negative effects, yellowing.

The cost of such a procedure is placed within reasonable limits, and the time is from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The process of polishing nails is greatly accelerated by nail polishing machines. They have several nozzles, discs of various shapes and degrees of rigidity. In such devices, there are different degrees and directions of rotation. In modern nail salons use just such machines, which significantly saves both your time and your manicure specialist.

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