How to play dominoes

Previously, neighbors often spent their evenings in the courtyards playing dominoes. Today this game with simple rules has become less popular. Gambling cries from the yard have not been heard for a long time, and many do not even know what dominoes look like. However, interest clubs can still be found avid players who knock on the table, arranging entire tournaments.

How to play dominoes

Domino history

A board game called “Dominoes” originated in China, which happened around the second century of our era. Earlier in this country from India came the game of dice, which became the prototype of a domino.

Interesting! If you translate the name of the game from French, it means the priest's winter clothing, which was white on the inside, and black on the front side.

The domino bone looks like a rectangle. Its length is equal to the width multiplied by two. The domino chip is divided into two parts, each of which contains dots from one to six. However, on the halves of some rectangles such marks are absent.

How to play dominoes

Previously, bones for dominoes were made of ordinary or ivory, stone. However, these materials are quite expensive. To make the game accessible to the poorer strata of the population, the bones were made of plastic, metal or wood.

The standard domino set contains 28 dice. Some hold 32 knuckles, including doubles (dominoes with the same values ​​on both halves).

Classic Domino Game Rules

You can play together, three or four. The rules of the game of dominoes in the classic version involve the surrender of 7 knuckles in your hands for two or 5 for three or four players.

The first move rightfully belongs to someone who will be double 6-6. Other players must attach other “stones” to this dice, in which there are values ​​6. In the case when the double 6-6 has not fallen out to anyone, the game begins with other knuckles with the values ​​5-5, 4-4 and others. If no player has any duplicates, the bone with the highest value will start its turn.

In general, the principle of the game is to put knuckles with the same values ​​to each other. If the hands of such "stones" is not, you need to get them from the remaining bones, or skip the move.

How to play dominoes

A domino game ends when one of the players runs out of bone.After that, each participant counts points on the "stones" left on his hands. The winner gets the sum of all points. If one of the players has a 0-0 double, it equates to 25 points.

On a note! Another way to complete the game of dominoes is to make a “fish”. This is a situation when the bones are in the hands of each of the players, but there is nothing to make a move. In this case, the winner is the one who has the lowest score. He gets the difference points of the other players.

Playing dominoes by the classic rules is quite simple and interesting. The total winner of the tournament is the player who in the sum of all rounds will score 100 points.

How to play dominoes

Not only adults, but also children can play dominoes. And the rules remain unchanged. There is a special children's domino, on the knuckles of which instead of dots there are various color pictures. These can be animals, letters, numbers and all sorts of objects.


“Goat” is the most famous domino game, which is also notable for its simple rules. Often, it tries to play four (in pairs), but it is also allowed two and three players. Each participant is given 7 bones.If the game is attended by less than 4 people, the remaining knuckles form a "bazaar." If there are five or more doubles per player, a re-take occurs.

Begins to play a participant who has a domino with the lowest value (take 1-1 and so on). During the game of dominoes, the same rules apply as in the classic version - dominoes are applied by the same values ​​to each other.

How to play dominoes

If a player does not have a dice that can continue the game, he will have to “go to the market”. There, at random, choose bones that are turned upside down, until you find the right one. When one of the players ends with knuckles, the round of the game is considered complete.

After that, the score is calculated. You can open an account only when the amount in your hands is 13 points or more. A contestant who scores 101 points for all rounds will be considered the loser. It is he who gets the title "Goat".

In the process of playing "Kozla" "two by two" by the rules, the points of both players who lost are summed up.

On a note! If one participant has a lot of points on his hands, but his partner was the first to get rid of all the dominoes, these values ​​are not taken into account and will be burned out. This player is also considered in this case the winner.

Do not forget that according to the rules of the game in the "Goat" is also allowed "fish." The player who makes it must pay attention to the number of bones in his partner. After the fish, points are calculated for all participants. The winners are a pair who scored fewer points.

Video: how to play dominoes correctly?

Thus, playing dominoes is fascinating and interesting. In addition to playing the "Goat" and according to the classical rules, there are other varieties of it. For example, "Donkey", "General" and others. True, they are less well-known. Each company has the right to decide on its own how to play dominoes. They can even be invented by the participants themselves. The main thing is to make the evening fun and interesting.

On a note! Before proceeding directly to the process of dominoes, it is advisable to first discuss the rules, as well as fix them on paper.

Today it is possible to play dominoes over the Internet with virtual or real participants. Regardless of the way in which the game takes place, it will be possible to spend pleasant time with friends or just acquaintances.

To better familiarize yourself with the rules and understand how to play dominoes correctly and win, video is presented.

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