How to get an interview on Skype?

Usually the interview is held at a personal meeting of the head with the applicant. But another more modern form is possible - remote conversation. And how to get an interview on Skype and get a job?

Advantages and disadvantages of such interviews

Conducting an interview on Skype has its own characteristics. First you should list the advantages of this form:

  • Such an interview allows you to save money and time, because you do not need to go anywhere: just turn on the computer and start a conversation. And this advantage is especially important if the main office of the company is located in another city.
  • Relative simplicity of communication. It is much easier for some to communicate remotely than personally. First, you can hide defects in appearance, because you will not be seen entirely. Secondly, the employer will not notice signs of a stressful condition, such as rapid heartbeat, knocked down breathing and so on. Thirdly, you will not feel the presence of your opponent.
  • The employer will not have the opportunity to create a stressful situation, that is, to conduct a so-called stress interview, which scares many applicants.
  • You can immediately and quickly send all the necessary files, for example, copies of documents, resumes and so on.
  • At such interview it is much easier to end the conversation, if you understand that the vacancy is uninteresting for you. It is enough to express your opinion, say goodbye and disconnect.
  • There is an opportunity to be in a familiar home environment, and this can help to be more confident.

There are also disadvantages:

  • You will not have the opportunity to assess the conditions in which you probably will have to work: the office interior, cabinets and so on.
  • The quality of the connection may interfere with a full conversation: the problems will worsen the image and sound, as a result of which you will miss important points.
  • At home, many people feel relaxed, and this can play a cruel joke, for example, to prevent them from tune in seriously.
  • If you do not have experience of this form of communication, then the interview can be a real stress for you, because you will fall into an unfamiliar situation and you will not know how to behave.

How to get a job?

How to get an interview on Skype? Some people think that it doesn’t differ much from an ordinary personal conversation with an employer, but this is not quite true. And so simply answering questions is not all that is needed to get a job. It is necessary to take into account the specifics of such an interview and follow certain rules. All the most important will be discussed below.

Start by preparing

The first thing to do is prepare:

  1. First, the day and exact time of the interview should be agreed with the employer in order to be at home at this moment and be freed from all matters.
  2. Then evaluate the health of the equipment. Check the microphone, analyze the quality of the video. Fix the problems in advance. If you do not have a personal computer or a webcam, then you can borrow it all from a friend or go to an Internet cafe.
  3. Now prepare your account, because it will also affect the employer's impression of you. Instead of a funny "nickname", use the real last name and first name. As an avatar, it is better to install a photo of good quality, and a discreet one, and not the one on which you have fun at the party.Specify the information that you may need, but leave everything personal with you.

Choose and prepare a place

If the equipment and account in Skype are ready, it's time to choose and bring to the proper state the place where you will be during the interview. Some go to a restaurant or cafe, but a conversation in such a crowded place can go wrong, because you and the other person will be distracted by extraneous sounds. So it's best to stay at home. But if you live with your family in a one-room apartment, and there is no opportunity to be alone, then you can rent an apartment or a hotel room for an hour or two.

Is the place chosen? Prepare him. First, choose a neutral background. So, you can sit back to an empty wall, if, of course, it looks fine, and not stripped or painted. There may also be bookshelves behind you. Second, create sufficient and optimal lighting. Light direct so that you could be clearly seen, but the rays did not fall into your eyes and did not blind you. Also, try not to highlight your shortcomings.

Now organize your workplace. A computer or laptop can be placed on the desk, and you better sit in a comfortable chair.The access zone should contain everything you need: documents, notepad and pen, a glass of water in case of stress and so on.

Tidy yourself up

Your appearance is important. Interview in everyday clothes is definitely not worth it, even if you are at home. Create a business or at least a low-key image, that is, make up a set of light top and dark bottom. Put better shoes in comfortable, but elegant shoes, because, probably, you will have to get up and appear in full growth. Anyway, all things must be clean and ironed, otherwise the employer will perceive you as a slovenly and sloppy person.

The girl should do a discreet makeup. It is enough to even out the tone of the face, make up the eyelashes and moisturize the lips. Hair should be neat: you can dissolve and put your hair (but so that they do not fall on your face and do not distract you), collect them in an elegant tail or bun. And they must be washed!

We build the right conversation

What to say during the interview on "Skype". As a rule, the conversation takes place in the form of "question-answer", and you need to competently and thoughtfully answer the employer's questions.But you should also set your own, so that your opponent sees interest. You can make a text in advance in the form of a short story about yourself or an oral summary.

Equally important is how you will speak. Words should be clear, thoughts - clearly and correctly stated. Speak loudly and confidently enough, choose the correct intonation. Take your time, but do not speak too slowly: choose an average speed. After the phrases, make a pause to give the interlocutor an opportunity to ask questions. Periodically check the feedback. And do not make lyrical digressions or joke, it's inappropriate.


A few recommendations:

  • Choose a suitable pose. It is best to sit up straight and put your hands on the table or on your knees. Do not cross your legs, prop your chin.
  • If the interview takes place with a foreigner, then practice in advance to improve the pronunciation of words. Also put a dictionary next to you to translate unfamiliar words (don't forget to apologize). And it is better to learn the most common phrases in order to avoid falling into an awkward position.
  • 10-20 minutes before the interview again, check everything.

It remains only to wish all applicants successfully pass an interview and get a job.

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